Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Buid tattoo 77 Cross & Mesh Hoodie

Ok and another post tis time From Buid tattoo as i told you
so this amazing designs are done by a big friend of mine called Bulut Beorn he does amazing clothes also in mesh and works hard to make it look awesome i like the style and so tried to make my style match the clothes so what came out i gonna show you right now but before a little more about the look

The hair i wear is from tameless ahir, really great creation done by Nita Bracken love their hairstyles and they match amazingly to the look, great is also that youc an tint the hair as you wish and like you can see i choose black with the front colored in a nice Pink amazing look huh?
The eyes are from Ikon, yes thats right new store, new name formerly known as Fashism is now called Ikon and stil has amazing eyes so as this one in a light blue
The Piercins and the ears are both from Acide, great styles nothing to say else then wow just keep it going

The clothes , i mean the baggy pants, the hoodie, the tatoo are all from BUID tattoo Store, great work done here and you see the detail of the work he does, newest collection he brought out was the Mesh hoodie in Cerise, which is this nice pink color, the tattoo also is amazing great work here and the baggy pants i just love them they fit perfectly ^.^ big thanx for Bulut i love the stuff he does really

 Then as last i got on a collar from The Open collar temple, and some sneaker from CC designs
all from me here are the pics and credits right below huuuggiieees

Buid mesh Hoodie

Buid full body

Buid headshot
Skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] - [ Vero ]
Hair: Tameless Hair Lexi
Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes - Light Blue + Rust
Lashes: **Irresistible Look Eyelashes**
Piercing: [Acide!] Mike
Ears: [Acide!] Pique la
Necklace: LeatherCollar by Open Collar
Tattoo: BUID 77 Cross
Hoodie: BUID Mesh Hoodie Male&Famele (Cerise)
Pants: BUID  Baggy Pants V.6 (black)
Sneakers: CC Design - Sneakers Confetti