Sunday, June 17, 2012

MacMorag & Muse Raqu Baladi for Petites

Hey today or better night hihihih
i show you this awesome gown i got today from my lovely friend AineMari ♥♥
its called Raqu Baladi and its a nice belly dancing dress
as you see i just started dancing hihihih
also showing you the lovely jewelery set from Petite elemental called Petite Tropical Earth wich matches with all colors thats my opinion
Raqu Baladi purple dancing
hehe and to show you all the great color of the Raqu Baladi i just show them all to you giggles
huuugs and enjoy the lovely colors of this amazing dress
Raqu Baladi for petites 01

Raqu Baladi for petites 03
Raqu Baladi for petites 02
Petite Avatar: [ Petite ] - [ Polly 2 ] - [ Caramel ] by Al Vulo!
Hair: Amandine Petite Mesh Hair by /Wasabi Pills/
Eyes: FathomsEyesDuo_Oceans by Skinthesis
Dress: Petite Raq Baladi by Mac Marogh and Muse
Nails: #Petite002 Petit Rose for Petite White by Candy Nail