Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Fling - Zinnias feat Jelly (Going Bust)

heyas out there sorry for not posting the last 2 days
 .. my easter was all happy in bed .. was ill with a tonsilitis ..
 i just love that really but ok .. feeling bit better again 
and thought hey you have to blog this 
so and thats what i did 
so presenting you today from Zinnias this lovely daybed called Oaxaca,
 which has male poses , female poses and also couple poses rawwr ,
 i just show you the male and female poses .. 
had no sexy guy to pose with for the couple pictures giggles 
 then i wear from 7 deadly skins the hunt gift which is in a light tone with lovely make up and prim teeth to add or not depends on your mood , just love it ^.^
Available at clavage right now you get this lovely outfit to add up with lolas or not ( that is as you like ) from Jelly called Gotcha .. really sexy and shows a lot of your backside giggles 
hm what else oowww i bought the new barefeet from Ncore with the add on flipp flops 
and i really love them so much detail and easy fix to match your skin ^.^
hmm otherwise did also the spring fling hunt 
and thought to show you some gifts you get, 
like a ring , a necklace, a braclet .. all hidden in eggs around .. all you need is find them .. happy hunting ..
ok .. credits and pics below huggies 
Spring Fling - Zinnias feat Jelly (Going Bust)
Spring Fling - Zinnias feat Jelly (Going Bust)
Skin: [7DS] Group Gift April with teeth prim -Spring Fling Hunt item
Hair: [ iren ] Sanya_DARKS
Earrings: {EPIC} Drop Earrings - Spring Fling
Necklace: *Anymore Happy Easter Necklace - Spring Fling Hunt item
Outfit: ::JELLY:: Gotcha (Going Bust) ( available to wear with Lolas) @Cleavage
Braclet: PP- Red Rose Bracelet* - Spring Fling Hunt Item
Ring: ..:sexZ:..-Swallow Rings - Spring Fling Hunt Item
Feet: N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops (Mesh) NEW

Daybed: Zinnias Springtime in Oaxaca Daybed @ Spring Fling 
Picture taken at the Spring Fling Event Sim