Sunday, May 19, 2013

.:SF:. "Miette" Lolita Dress - Crimson feat Evendim Furniture

Heyas peeps out there 
i know its been ages since i last blogged
but ir eally couldnt do anything with my damn comp i had 
since a week now i have the new one and yes all works great now 
had to get a new photoshop wich worked out too and all ready again for blogging 
and got a lovely Notecard from Synjari with this lovely clothes and furniture i show to you .. 
was in love when seeing them 
so i stop talking about nonsense i just start talking about secondlifeeeeeeeee
Showing you from Senzafine this lovely Lolita dress
 called Miette in the exclusive color crimson 
really i just love this dress, its sexy .. kinky, cute , all at once .. and 
you can wear it with the jacket or without .. both jacket and skirt are Mesh , 
the upper is a shirt layer 
like that you have more choice in wearing it 
and she is participating in the World Goth fair ^.^
To this lovely outfit i added up some crazy hair from vanity hair , 
really great hair and hairbase with it too 
The jewelery is from Crystal line , just lovely jewelery with braclets, earrings and necklace 
called Elegance Pearl ^.^ thankies Rena-san 
The nails are from Finesmith , just love them even if they are almost a year old already 
the stockings are from Sheer, if you need lovely stockings just check out this store ^^
The Boots are from Senzafine too called Callisto and really lovely 
all mesh boots with great texture and available at Genre ^.^
and this Lovely set of Furniture called Evendim .. included in this set are 
a Folding screen , an armchair, an accent table , a table lamp  and an area rug 
its an awesome set in the color crimson and black 
love the details on the furniture
the amazing poses in the chair for men and also some for women 
all you have to do is check out the World Goth Fair
or the store from Senzafine *Big thankies to Synjari*
ok thats all from me for now 
just check out the pics and the credits right under it 
.:SF:. "Miette" Lolita Dress - Crimson feat Evendim

.:SF:. "Evendim" Seating Set in Crimson
 Skin: -Glam Affair- Eva- Tan - 12 ( older skin)
 Hair: Vanity Hair::Kaos blacks
 Earrings: ((Crystal Line))Elegance Pearl Pierced
 Necklace & Braclet:  ((Crystal Line))Elegance Pearl Necklace & Elegance Pearl Bracelet
 Dress: .:SF:. "Miette" Lolita Dress - Crimson [MESH] @ World Goth Fair
 Nails: Finesmith Nails black
 Stockings: *Sheer* Stockings 24: Torn Lace-Top Black
 Boots: .:SF:. "Callisto" Boots - Noir [Rigged Mesh] @ Genre
 Pose: Manifeste

 .:SF:. "Evendim" Folding Screen in Crimson @ World Goth Fair
 .:SF:. "Evendim" Armchair in Crimson @ World Goth Fair
 .:SF:. "Evendim" Accent Table @ World Goth Fair
 .:SF:. "Evendim" Table Lamp in Crimson [p] @ World Goth Fair
 .:SF:. "Evendim" Area Rug in Crimson @ World Goth Fair