Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sorry and please follow satyra sirnah

heya people out there
as ya know i stopped blogging
kinda seems to be like it as i dint blog anything for over a year nor any post nor any news
im sorry i could have noticed ya all
but i dint
i had a blockage in sl i couldnt blog anymore .. i had no ideas no fun ...
 it wasnt mine anymore
but please dont give me up XD
the wolrd is small and you might like my friend Satyra Sirnah her blog
she started blogging lately and has an all cute pink blog called Pink Blossoms 
 please make me a favour and look at her blog and help her grow up as blogger

thanks a lot
ow btw here is her blog link

she also is linked to flickr, tumblr and google+

give her a chance please and look at her blog same as i do now daily to make her grow up

lots of love and sorry again to all those that counted on me and that i gave up

Sweetalicious starsider