Monday, August 17, 2015

060 - Just dance if you feel bad RE-LINK from PINK BLOSSOMS


060 - Just dance if you feel bad
heya my lovely pink lovers ... 
litte change today and a sorry for not blogging again 2 weeks 
well this time i just show you some new hair 
from mr truth that i definately love a lot not,
 its sexy hot and soo much style .. called Heloisa  
really if ya wanna some really great hair then you need to get this one 
  the clothes i wear i got from legal insanity at the mainstore
  just saw those and had to get them the pants also exist in other colors 
same as the upper 
  what more to tell ya the tatttoo is from letis tattoo
 and really great i wear the 50% faded tone of it ..  
well the name of the tattoo is Shaula Unukalhai 
which definately is a special name smiles  
my head of course from tsg,  same as my eyes, 
and my shoes are from ricelli,  
you find them at marketplace for unbelievable 99 ls 
  and they are color changeable
with a hud for maitreya, slink, belleza and tmp thats it 
huggies Saty ♥
P.s. took the pics while dancing at Energy club ,
  definately one of the best dance places in whole sl with always great music 
What i wear from top to toe :  
.tsg. Yui Mesh Head E Tone 
 .tsg. Luxury Eyes - Pink
Just Magnetized - Genesis Septum - Onyx / Black 
Letis Tattoo :: Shaula Unukalhai :: FULL13001 
..::DeliciouS::..  <3 necklaces  
Legal Insanity - Jaelle top gipsy orange  
Legal Insanity - Baylie capris - old jeans
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara  
R.icielli - VONDA High Heels