Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Presenting myself - hey im Saty ♥

Hey lovely people from Ka Cho Fu Getsu 
my name is Satyra Sirnah  and I'm Blogger since a bit of a year 
i just have fun and enjoy blogging 
Sweet offered me to take over her blog 
and thats why the posts wont be relinked anymore 
so i will publish my posts twice one time on my Wordpress Pink Blossoms 
and one time here on ka-cho-fu-getsu 
like this i get more traffic and hopefully more people will see and love my work 

hm what else can i tell you about me 
well i also have a flickr account Satyra Sirnah
aswell as a facebook account Pink Blossom Flowers
you can also find me on tumblr Pink Blossoms
and i also have a google+ account  Satyra sirnah
so you actually can find me on a lot of places 
and now also on this lovely Blog *-*

I just hope we all will have fun and enjoy the posts
and big thanks to sweet who stopped blogging 
and offered me to take over her blog ♥♥

By The Way-  thats me giggles

    Picture was done by Pam Astonia ♥