Friday, May 12, 2017

181 Clocks

181 Clocks
heya my lovely friends , family, lovers and everyone else who has a look at my blog
 today i show you some new releases again starting with the VIP group Gift by Truth
 he just released the new may vip group gift with incredible new color packs
 ill will show you them a bit more in detail
 starting with the attachment of the huds they all look at the beginning like this
truth hud 01
  on the upper left corner when you click on the sign they open up 
so this one is the blonde Hud with amazing blonde hairstyles 
from light tones to dark tones and with tips and ombres 
truth hud 03
then we got the brunettes Hud also from light to dark hairstyles with tips and ombres 
truth hud 04
then we got the Candy Hud which includes lovely colors such as light pink , blue , purple and greenish tones 
you can even find a yellow one there you also have from lighter colors to darker ones finishing with ombres 
truth hud 05
As next hud we get the Grayscale one as you can see you find from white to black and some more extra ones 
truth hud 06
then we have the jewel Hud this one has more bright colors you just have to try them out 
truth hud 07
The next one is the multitone 1 hud as you can see it features from blonde to brown over red and black tones 
truth hud 08
The Multitone 2 hud includes more of the candy and jewel colors and are way more crazy ones 
truth hud 09
And of course there is also a redhead one whit amazing ginger and red colors 
truth hud 10
and last one of the color styles Hud is the selection hud which includes a little selection of colortones
truth hud 11
But thats not the only hud you can find in there there is one more new feature out its called the stylist Hud 
truth hud 02this hud gives you some more possibilities to play with your hair
 you can move it forward and backward just one side or both just as you need it isnt that awesome ? 
I really enjoy it ♥
 Not to forget what i was wearing in my main picture hahaha
 i just wear the genesis lab mesh head called sofie which i got with the applier at the april round of epiphany 
My body stays from maitreya and the necklace i wear is from Minimal
 its called ryker and comes with earrings and necklace
 unfortunately you cant see the earrings but they are awesome and best its all new out at collabor 88 
The dress i show is from Alt by Truth called Hotline dress 
and came out at Uber april it got awesome colors even silver and gold 
The heels i found also at collabor 88 its called Koralee heels and they are from reign
 you have several heel proposals to use from and amazing colors 
And the skybox i took my picture is from Abiss Designs its called Rendez-Vous skybox 
and has amazing details its fully furnitured with amazing poses and comes with an amazing outside view 
just have a look out at the abiss mainstore you surely gonna love this one as much as i do
 thanks a lot for reading
 cheers n hugs satyra
hair // TRUTH VIP - May NEW 
applier // 19 HUD_Genesis_Lab_Skin_SOFIE - SET 3 ( Epiphany April) 
head // 02 Genesis_Head_SOFIE Bento RARE ( Epiphany April) 
body // Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
 necklace // MINIMAL - Ryker set -Gold- ( collabor 88) NEW 
dress// ALT by Truth - Hotline Dress (Uber) NEW 
pose // FOXCITY. Bento Ground Sits VOL2 - FOXCITY. GSits VOL2-7 ( The secret hideout)
bed// Ivette Bed - Rendez-vous edition NEW @ Mainstore
skybox// Rendez-vous skybox by Abiss design NEW @ Mainstore