Sunday, June 25, 2017

188 Seaside Treasures

188 Seaside Treasures
heya my lovely friends today its an all tropical summer beachy post 
starting with the hair from truth hawks called Lake im in love with this hairstyle 
really its awesome and i just love the colors 
The body tattoo with the sand comes from Izzie's and deffinately its a must have for every beach look 
The glasses i show are from Pumec and called Vintage glasses i surely got them
 at an event and they deffo rock it i love the detail and the different glass options 
The choker i wear is from avanti i got this one at the Cosmopolitan event 
and just directly loved it
 also from the cosmo event is the new dress from masoom its called Nightingale FP 
and comes in amazing colors i just choose the tropical look with a black bra 
but there are many more 
The rings i got at the tropical summer event from codex 
and the tsuki sliders from phedora are available there also 
The pose i use is from le Poppycock its actually a gacha a
nd you have to be lucky to get the one you want so this one is called Saty
 cool summer nap and comes with the mat and magazine 
you just get those at the liasion collaborative so hurry to get them ♥
 The merkitty's from half deer i got at the arcade june really
 they are lovely the phone with the earbuds aswell as the pool slides 
and the melted popcicle are all from Pilot really great decorations and must haves ♥
 The bag i got from dust bunny its called beach bag tribal 
and really lovely the sun lotion dispenser i found on marketplace
 just click beachstore and you get linked directly to the page
 and the seashells luckily i got from my best friend brookie 
she actually just borrowed me those from sway's 
as i absolutely needed some shells on my picture 
thats it kisses and cheers Satyra
hair // TRUTH Lake NEW 
head // LAQ ~ Mesh Head Maxine 
body // Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1 body 
sand // Izzie's - Body & Face Beach Sand
 glasses // .:[PUMEC] :. - / Vintage glasses\ <3 ( Cosmopolitan event )  NEW
dress// [[ Masoom ]] Nightingale FP ( Cosmopolitan event ) NEW
rings // CODEX_BENTO SANDY RINGS (Maitreya) ( Tropical summer 2017) NEW 

shoes // Phedora ~ Tsuki Sliders ~ 28 C. ( Tropical summer 2017)  NEW
Pose with mat and magazine // Le Poppycock *Stay Cool* Summer Nap (The Liaison Collaborative)  
merkitty // +Half-Deer+ Merkitty - Cruising (Lilac) ( Arcade june)   
merkitty // +Half-Deer+ Merkitty - Lounging (Snow) ( Arcade june) 
Merkitty // +Half-Deer+ Merkitty - Watcha Doin' (Snow) ( Arcade june)  
phone // PILOT - Phone w/ Earbuds ( Arcade june)  
shoes // PILOT - Pool Slides [Blk/Blue] ( Arcade june)  
popcicle // PILOT - Melted Popcicle [Mango] ( Arcade june)  
bag // dust bunny . beach bag . tribal ( Arcade june)  
sun lotion // Sun Lotion Dispenser by Beachstore 
seashells// Sway's [Shell] beach shells (A)