Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dreaming of Mashooka - Naima & Parul New Release

As it was a busy day i went to bed a bit early yesterday , while i was in bed was dreaming of modeling some clothes for mashooka, being in front of a pond, seeing the cherry tree right behind me and having an amazing view out of the mashooka store. I was wondering why i had that dream and woke up suddlenly as my phone clock ringed telling me to get ready to work . Strange dream i thought myself and was looking in my closet searching mashooka clothes , wanted to put on the naima skirt and the parul shirt but couldnt find it anywhere, then saw my cat on my bed and a wonder she was wearing them lmao , then i realised it stil was a dream when my clock really ringed and it was time to get up .

So in my nice dream you can see me wearing 2 times the same clothes of mashooka Naima with Parul and the Meena Ballerina, but showing 2 different colors of them.

 Actually you get the Naima skirt in 8 different colors, same as the Parul Shirt. Special of this clothes is that they are looking really cute thats what i think and the colors are amazingly fresh and colorfull. But normal as i love Mashooka i show up the nicest colors of the clothes I LOVEE wohoooo

Actually also want to tell you about Felony, its a nice store with great skins, she also has limited edition ones that look awesome and that are really cheap actually  so take a look at her store as its really really great what she does ^^ 

So i better stop writing and showing up the New Mashooka Release- NAIMA skirt & PARUL shirt

Eyes: .::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes

           (( D!va )) ::Stand 50::, (( D!va )) ::Stand 52:: (Free poses)