Saturday, July 16, 2011

Miamai Aralee - New release & Glam Affair Limited Edition Skin Amelie

I was walking around and thought hmm what to post today , so went working to Miamai, standing there and greeting the peep getting into the store, when suddendly Monica showed up telling that she gonna put up a new release ;  and as she told so she sended the gift to us , was together with Angel doing my shift giggles

So i put on the new dress, matching it together with the Cronika hair and thought hmm not bad but what should I add more, finally i remembered that i got that nice limited edition skin from glam affair , so trying it on and thinking yes not bad lets keep it like that

for the location actually thought of a romantic place, to hang out, perhaps waiting for a dinner with the sexy unknown guy from next door who knows hahaha , but felt alone and did some pics

so showing as always my favourite color of the new release this time its blue, but it also exists in gold, pink, purple and silver and always looking amazingly sexy in it hahaha

so check it out here's the New Miamai release Aralee


Skin: -Glam Affair- Amelie MedTan Limited Edition
Hair: Miamai_Cronika Gold PLUS
Eyelashes: [ glow ] Devilicious 00 
Necklace, earrings: 2009 AG double pearl $20 set black
Dress: Miamai_Aralee Blue 
Nails: Candy Nail #P067 Resort Beach
Shoes: N-core SENSE XtremeHeel "GroupGift" 

Poses: GLITTERATI - 092, GLITTERATI - 023, GLITTERATI - Jewelry 2