Thursday, August 4, 2011

1001 Dreams ...

I was at Mashooka store again lately and saw this wonderfull nice dress, and i was like wow so amazing one but i had to leave quickly . As i went to bed i finally went to dream about a story of an Indian Princess who was so in love and she couldn't reach up her friend, and she got cought and they kept her and wanted a million of gold for her but her  old rich dad din't wanted to pay so many for her and so to stay alive she told the king of the bandits all  night another story she had in minde to stay alive, and as it went  in my dream she told him about 1001 stories all over the wolrd one more passionate then the other and then an evening while she was dancing around in a ballroom , as the bandit was really rich already, she was so amazingly looking that the bandit fell in love with her and dint wanted to kill her anymore but just marry her. And while she danced and danced and danced i wake up again and was in my bed alone and just thought I need to get that Roshni Gharara Dress from Mashooka , so i went there put it on and was feeling like the princess in my dream so happy about the new look i just love it sooo much

So on my story as myself and as the princess in it I was wearing the lovely Dress from Mashooka called Roshni Gharara in a lovely Copper-plum color , this one also exists in more colors but i just choose this one as i so much loved it

Also the earrings, necklace, the full Jewelery i wear is from Mashooka , called Lakshmi in Gold and just love to wear it so great work and you see the amazing details on it, it's work done with love  hehehe ^.^

As skin i put on the layla Skin from the dressing room which is really lovely with the Gold night make up , no wother words to say then i love it .

To finalize this look i choose hair from Tuki called Ariana really lovely hair and makes me even look more Indian like ^^ don't you think so ???

So here a nice picture of me in my dream hope you love the look as i do soamazing:

1001 Dreams


Skin: -Glam Affair- Layla Tan - D Gold Night
Hair: Tukinowaguma Ariana Ebony
Hairbase: Miamai_Hairbase Black
Eyes: .::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes
jewelery: :Mashooka: Lakshmi {gold}
Dress: :Mashooka: Roshni gharara {copper-plum}

Pose: BeScene Female Flamenco Editorial
         (only available on marketplace)