Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mixing around with !Face Paint, Sacred Roses & Koketka

Hey less quick post this time and tho its stil a quick post hmm you might ask why, so just telling you i really had a busy weekend no time at all to blog but i just loved those clothes i got and wanted to blog them so just quick went to a place with lovely background, and yes i got ejected, so had to search for another place and as i had no time the background really isnt as good as i would want it , to i hope you see what i show you and you like the post

So showing you off from Koketka a lovely dress called Lena in the color bordo ( yes thats how they named it not me huh ) , really sexy short dress, but keeping all warm with a nice high collar around my neck hmm so soft and warm just love it and as special eyecatcher you also get this sexy belt with it , and yes it comes together, the dress also exists in other colors but if you want to know more you need to check out the Koketka store smiles
Also from Koketka these lovely Frenzy Boots in a grey tone, just  love them they are really great in color and match also amazingly to the outfit, ok thats my opinion might be you dont like but always depending on your taste, so i like it and thats why i show it to you smiles softely

The skin i choose is from AMD named Catalina in the peachy tone and added to this one from !Face Paint the make up called Temptress V2 smoke , really nice one and excited to see what else i got from facepaint to show it to you all out there ^^
The eyelashes are from Je suis just love those ones named false lashes No.005 , they make so sexy eyes together with the eyes from Fashism hmm
The hair is some older form baiastice and stil love the look of it its called Donatella and its a lovely hair attachment , really lovely and matches great to this soft look
And then as last the jewelery Set from Sacred Roses, so lovely color and just love the autumn leaves on it, its bringing you joy for this autumn to wear this set and thats why i put it on ...

no im done , i think so  , ..... yes hihih i am done here's the pics and the credits huuugs
MIxing around with Face Paint, Sacred Roses & Koketka
Skin: (AMD) Catalina - Peachy
Eyes: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Caribbean Blue
Lashes: ::je suis...::false lashes:: No.005
Make up: !FP Temptress v2 Smoke
Hairbase: Miamai_Hairbase
Hair attachment: * Baiastice-Donatella hair attachment
Dress & Belt: Koketka-Lena dress (bordo)
Boots: Koketka - Frenzy Boots-grey