Sunday, November 27, 2011

Xanadu Black Beauty Collection " Moka "

From wintertime to summertime to sexy styles hahaha  ow yes this really is sexy, you dont know it yet as you cant see the outfit yet but i know it and i can tell you this is really HOT hahaha  you really don't believe me ? right  then i gonna tell you some more about it
its Xanadu fashion , ok sounds amazing already, its a bit of black and some nice leopard texture on it really rawwwwwwwr showing my nails off hahaha keep attention i might bite  ....
hihi noo its amazing the set from Xanadu called lack Beauty Collection " Moka ", a lovely dress which is divided into 2 parts the upper in leopard look the other part all black and sexy with that together a great black jacket making this look even more hot hmm i love the look really great collection from Xanadu Fashion.

Amazing on this look is also the skin its a limited edition one from Cstar and if i say limited edition i really mean it, the Limited Skins are restocked only 5 times total. Restock happens when all tones of a skin is fully sold out. After the skins have been restocked 5 times and they are all sold out is when they no longer will be sold again.  So the flutter skin is a lovely skin with a dark makeup and really just loved this look hmm so sexy and bit dangerous look actually

Also the hair is wow its one of the newest hair attatchments from Vanity Hair called Starlight and its sold together with the matching hairbase, i choose the black pack of it and just really love it the hair rocks and really does and looks so amazing

The jewelery i choose is from league called Vintage Jewellery Set (FLF) really lovely but i only choose a part of this set and not all of it but looks so lovely and had to add it to this look ^^

The shoes i wear are from Chained and called Kate Black really nice set and matches great with the look together there are some more things i wear but you'll see in the credits
here's the pic hugs hope you like it ^^
Xanadu Black Beauty Collection " Moka "
Skin: cStar Limited - Flutter Skin
Eyes: ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Caribbean Blue
Hair: Vanity Hair::Starlight HP blacks
Jewelery: *League* Vintage Jewellery Set (FLF)
Lashes: ::je suis...::false lashes:: No.005
Nails: Finesmith Nails  black
Outfit: -X- Black Beauty Collection " Moka "
Shoes: *Chained* Kate Black bagged

Poses: Apple spice , Bw & Dare