Wednesday, May 2, 2012

*Solange* Petite Holiday Floral Gold & Mole End- sweet nectar swing

hey today i present you this amazing and cute outfit from Solange it's called
Petite Holiday Floral and exists in several colors
for now i show you the gold version and i really love it
it's an amazing an cute dress and i love the small detail of the roses in the middle of the skirt

really big thank you to Solange Cerveau for this amazing dress ❤

*Solange!* Petite Holiday Floral - GOLD 01

*Solange!* Petite Holiday Floral - GOLD 02
Ow not that i forget it
 i also show you this lovely and cute swing for petites available at Mole End
it's really amazing and no need for your ao to work just sit and you look soo cute
best the butterflys do have to work to keep you in the air hihihi

here a big thank you to Evangeline Miles for this lovely Swing ❤

{Mole End} Sweet Nectar (Wearable) Swing - Iris

Pictures taken at : Les Monts Brumeux 
Petite Avatar: PETITES female DOVE Translucent by +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Hair:Hair:  Hair "Naomi" by D!va
Necklace:iny Garden Jewelry Set - Pastel/Silver by Earthstones
Dress: Petite Holiday Floral Gold by *Solange*
Swing: Sweet Nectar (Wearable) Swing - Iris by {Mole End}