Thursday, May 10, 2012

*Solange!* Petite Petalwing - MAUVE

hey today i show you this cute outfit from Solange its called petite petalwing
and i show you the color Mauve
really its an awesome outfit and works great to go out to fly around and to have fun
i really like it
huugs ❤❤

and big thank you to Solange Cerveau for this amazing dress ❤❤
*Solange!* Petite Petalwing - MAUVE 01 
*Solange!* Petite Petalwing - MAUVE
Petite Avatar:[  Petite ] - [ Polly 2 ] - [ Caramel ] by Al Vulo!
Hair: Hair "Maya" by D!va
Necklace: Garden Jewelry Set - Pastel/Silver by Earthstones
Dress: Petite Petalwing - MAUVE by *Solange*
Wings: (V) Ragged Fairy Wings, Irid Tiger, RFL Purple by Vaengi
Socks: Mouse Socks by Quirlie * The shrink is in da House*@ Petite Avatar Kingdom
Weapon: Nebula Sword for Petites by KD Weapons
Poses: Petite Fae AO by ## CI ##