Sunday, June 30, 2013

[Iren] Mix feat Eyelure

starting to work on tuesday so wont be that much blogging the next days
so just showing you off this lovely Shirt from eyelure which exists in 3 different colors
i show you all 3 colors 
Then i present you from iren lovely shorts called Burkley shorts 
and they exists in several colors .. really lovely ones i just show you off the 03 version 
but there are much more for every kind of your needs
The hair form iren called Lazy braided existin the normal colors as well as tipped versions and best they are for lazy sunday 
and actually cheap right now just get check it out at her store 
what else hmm the Skin is available with the mesh hands and the shape as a package but you can also just get the skin with the mesh hands 
and the shape seperately  all for your needs and best you have the option to add
the lola tango mesh boobs as you get appliers for them too 
The shoes are from Tentacio just lovely sneakers 
which where specially designed for the kawaii fair , even if the kawaii fair is over 
the sneaker are stil awesome and really just love them 
and as last the lovely Glasses from Gos, really i love them , amazing in detail, great color , and easy to change the glasses and resize them 
if you want great glasses go to Gos , its really the most beautiful glasses i ever got 
and they have amazing shoes too smiles 
hmm what else .. thats it i think , pose is from dare but dare isnt anymore ^^ 
at least ya see the pose 
thats it credits and pics right under this 
[Iren] Mix feat Eyelure
Skin: [ iren ] Helen_tan_with Mesh Hands NEW
Shape: [ iren ] Helen Shape NEW
Hair: [ iren ]Lazy Braided for Lazy Sunday NEW
Glasses: [Gos] - Butterfly Sunglasses Bagged
Shirt: Eyelure MiniCrop Top - Mega Pack of 3 NEW
Pants: [ iren ] Burkley Shorts_003
Sneakers: *Tentacio* Kawaii sneakers
Pose: ..::Dare::...