Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lolas ::: Boudoir feat Fixati0nz

heya people out there 
today i present you some new stuff i had from Fixati0nZ 
and a lovely new corset from Lolas 
but more about that later 
the hair i show you is from Quandary 
really lovely hair i found back in my inventory 
she does great hairstyles and you have several sizes 
so that it works out with the mesh boobies too 
The skin i show you was available at the Dressing Room fusion,
 but i think since i got this one it changed again over there 
but really lovely skin and just love the lips colors
The jewelery i wear is from mandala 
nothing new but stil love this necklace and the nails too 
great detail and easy to match 
And now .. the BOOBies giggles 
yes so this is the new Lolas Boudoir which you get in the color black 
and you can buy a hud with several colors inside to match your corset to your needs
i have the basic box which includes the colors
 purple, red, green, white,silver, Bronze and black 
your boobies are easy to fit 
same as with the other lolas appliers you can change your skin color 
or you have a hud to make the skin match ,
really easy and looks lovely 
and best both are together corsett with boobies added 
all mesh ^^
The pants are from Fixati0nZ and called  Combat laced pants 
you have one pair of pants an a hud full of textures 
so you can choose which combat look you want 
and just add it to your favourite one 
cute look , sexy and hot what you want more ? 
the pumps are from Ncore just love those and they always match 
what else ...
ow the eyelashes are from eyelure called Perfect lash 
for great lashes and easy fittings
ok thats it huggies 
pics and credits below
Lolas ::: Boudoir feat Fixati0nz
Lolas ::: Boudoir feat Fixati0nz
Lolas ::: Boudoir feat Fixati0nz
Lolas ::: Boudoir feat Fixati0nz  Credits:
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Aisha ] - [ Lil Olive TDR ]
Hair: { Quandary } Scarlet
Lashes: Eyelure Perfect Lash
Jewelery: [MANDALA]Omochi necklace/Silver
Corsett: Lolas ::: Boudoir ::: Black
Nails: [MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/white & Nail&Ring
Pants: Fixati0nZ - Combat Laced Pants (Variety Pack)
Pumps: N-core COQUETTE "Black"

Poses: Manifeste
Picture taken at: Noweeta Grassland