Tuesday, May 17, 2016

107 - Look Into my eyes

107 - Look into my eyes
hey my lovely followers today i have a lot to show ya 
starting with an increadible new release from Mr truth which is called Arwen ,
 and its available at the secret affair best you get a nice skull to add up matching this awesome hair 
My head is all new and from fiore its called precious 
and the head applier is called toni in the color tone 35 really love this head
 and it has some nice options but surely more about in the next post
 My earrings and necklace are from Empyrean forge i actually found them as i wanted to get access to Entchantemnt
 and really happy about this just love them
 my Body is of course from maitreya and the tatoo from letis tatoo called ixchel and its available at the U L T R A event 
my top is from blueberry and its an exclusive if you have joined luxe box 
comes with a nice hud and lot of color options 
my skirt is from insanya and found this at the dark style fair really just love it that its really really short 
my nails are from realevil , my braclet from cae, which is damn cute
 the boots also an exclusive from reign for luxe box 
definately worth joining even if it costed a fee 
and my poses all cool ones are from le poppycock called headshot B
 and also from the path , store by my lovely brother ramsa 
which actually sells his poses for 5 ls so hurry
 thats it cheers Satyra ♥
hair // TRUTH HAIR Arwen (The secret affair ) 
head//.: fiore :. Mesh Head - Precious 
head applier // .: fiore :. Toni Mesh Head Applier SPF35 
Earrings//EF: Yang Earrings - GOLD 
necklace// EF: Yang Pendant GOLD 
Body // Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 
Tattoo// Letis Tattoo :: Ixchel :: MM16009 :: ( U L T R A Event ) 
top // Blueberry - Luxe Box - Leign Bustiers ( Luxebox sl ) 
skirt // :::insanya::: BeltSkirt - Solid ( The dark style fair )  
nails // **RE** Precious Nails & Rings - Pointy - MTB 
braclet // Cae :: Under the Sea :: Bracelet 
boots // REIGN.- LUXE THIGH HIGH PUMPS ( Luxebox sl ) 
poses // Le Poppycock *Headshot* B (Women) ( U L T R A Event )  
The path - forgive me (5ls sale right now )