Monday, May 23, 2016

Body Art II Hunt - PREVIEW

 Body Art II Hunt  - PREVIEW
Hey my lovely followers today i show you a preview of an event or better a Hunt i got in smiles *-* 
so its called the Body art II Hunt and as the tittle says already
 its for the body so like tattoos, scars, piercings and many more 
the theme for this years hunt is " Far from the Norm - something outrageous and shocking " 
so be preapred for really naughty stuff
 btw its set for ADULT this hunt so keep attention 
!! Another little hint perhaps i got some stores already which i know are going to participate into this hunt 
they are as followed so hopefully one of your favourite ones is included =) 
  !cream spaghetti hair!, 
***Miss jewell***
, *KD* KaiDesign,
[ bubble ] ,
[:Rad Designz:] , 
aplliers 'R' Us,
Banana banshee,
bella Elephante,
Biyo Kozan ,
Dark passions - Koffin nails ,
Deluxe body factory,
endless pain tattoos,
eye candi,
industriall kitty , 
Izzie's ,
La Boheme , 
Nomiki's creations ,
Taox tattoo, 
 btw this is no clothing , no furniture hunt , its body art only 
 Thats it from me cheers Satyra ♥