Saturday, July 6, 2013


Heyas again me 
haha today is a quick blogging day had 4 pics done in like 8 hours OMG 
i know not normal but was with lot of spaces between each pic and lot of people getting on my nerves while i wanted to get this blog posts done 
so now for you an amazing gown Suzy gave me from Morea Style called Maeve 
in the color perle , just such a lovely gown which really lovely details, headdress, shoulder dress, flowing elements all in all amazing , 
you could even wear it as wedding dress believe me 
the Hair is all new , new store has opened called Liquence, owner is Villena Swansen
and really awesome , right now you get 2 different hairstyles for women and one hairstyle for guys , you have 12 color packages from light blonde, dark blonde, grayscales, blacks, reds, dark brown, light brown, genetics and and and .. really 
a basic package includes 5 color options , a more special one like Ombres or Natural Fades has 8 color options Prices are for the normal packs 230 ls and the bit special ones 270 ls.
The skin is from 7 deadly skins and called Nikki , 
i choose the tanned version which is a lovely skin tone and the make up is all soft, and you have freckles on your body giggles * I love freckles *
The jewelery is from Crystal line * thankies rena-san* and called Precious
its awesome jewelery and also includes a tiara which i couldnt show you right now 
 but believe me its awesome
And the heels are from Gos, a lovely new stylish heel called Eva slingbacks
they exist in several colors too, you get an awesome package of those heels even at Fameshed in 2 lovely colors
 satin blue and satin pink also called the baby collection.
if you want to see those heels more detailed just refer to the next post with sick puppy 
ok thats it for the moment next post in a few pics and credits right under this 
Hair: . Liquence . - F2 in Natural Fades NEW
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Nikki Tanned NEW
Jewelery: ((Crystal Line))Precious Accessory set
Heels: [Gos] Boutique - Eva Slingbacks - Classic Collection NEW