Saturday, July 27, 2013

Eyelure Mix feat Wasabi pills

heyas people out there 
today i show you this lovely outfits from eyelure 
had to mix and match a bit as i had a loot to blog of them 
so showing you several uppers with cool neon pants
so just start
The first uppers i show you is apack of three different ones called Knotted tee
existing in the colors purple , blue and pink
really lovely ones and cute at once 
the pants i show you are called neon skinnies and come together with a hud 
they exist in green, yellow pink and purple  which are amazing colors actually and fun
then you have on the second picture the upper called Shoulder tee in white and exists also in other styles but more to come soon for sure 
with the neon pants in green of course 
and then hahaha 
you have an all other combination the eyelure denim skinnies with a mini crop top in dotted blue color which are lovely sexy and hot 
ok ok i know thats kinda difficult but all the rest isnt 
we have jewelery from **Feel** which are really lovely 
called alexandrite flower you get a piercing, earrings, necklace, braclets and anklets
really hug package big thankies to atuko-san for this lovely package 
the hair is from Wasabi Pills and available till tomorrow at the hair fair
yep till tomorrow then its the 28 and last day of it smiles
the eyelashes are amazing too really just love those from eyelure called lash baby
 really soft and sexy 
hmm what else ow yes the heels they are from energie big thankies to allegra for those lovely heels 
they have so many options tattoo layer, stockings all in one heel really great work and easy to fit 
hm thats it i think 
skin from al vulo old dressing room gift and pose from manifeste 
(package 01-40)
thats it huggies 
piccies and credits as always just under this

Eyelure Mix feat Wasabi pills

Eyelure Mix feat Wasabi pills
1st Picture:
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kelly Mesh Hair - Browns Pack 
Lashes: Eyelure LashBaby
Shirt: Eyelure  Knotted Tee  - THREE PACK
Jewelery: **Feel**AlexandriteFlower
Pants: Eyelure Neon Skinnies w/ Texture Changing HUD
Heels: ..::Energie::.. Flirt Stietto Black Bag

2nd Picture:
Lashes: Eyelure LashBaby
Shirt: Eyelure Shoulder Tee - White
Pant: Eyelure Neon Skinnies w/ Texture Changing HUD

Shirt with Pants: Eyelure MiniCrop Top and Denim Skinnies    Hot Dots Blue