Monday, July 22, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Festival coming closer

heya i just wanted to let you know that soon 

the 31 July to be exact the Fantasy Gacha Carnival will open its doors 
ow yes and it will almost last for a month till the 21 August 
which is actually really long to catch all of your favourite gacha items you want 
little sneak preview of which stores you can find at the event for now
 i know that some amazing Gorean stores are set for the Event 
Just listing you some where i think that you really know them
like :
Gspot, Okami, On A Lark, EZ Weaponry, The Forge, Deviance, Sweet Pea,
Junbug, Songfeather, Nevermore, Luas, May's Soul, Bina, Sweet Poison , ... 
and many more
and thats not all right  
if you come to the event dressed in a carnival Costume
 you might be selected to win a random mesh prize 
yep thats it as easy as that
  ok so hope you will be all prepared for this amazing event full of gachas
i really am and cant wait till i can show you the gachas you can win ^^

big huggies for now and more information about the event you can find here :