Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Boobies Planet - *Sweet Cherry * Go Wild Darling! feat Tameless hair & League

hey hey 
yes last post for today 
i do the monso add tomorrow or on friday we will see
so now i show you also from Boobies Planet the Outfit from *Sweet Cherry* 
its called Go wild Darling! and is really cool 
you have a crazy colored upper which you can wear with lolas or without 
i just wear my lolas with them as this matches great 
and  lovely silver glitter pants which make this an absolute great evening look 
i would wear htis for a disco evening  giggles
hm what else to say the hair i wear is from Tameless hair called Francesca 
i choose again fantasy colors for this one but i think its really cool i did 
so i choose some violet with it to make it match my shirt giggles
hm skin is from Glam affair , called Elvi in the color 05 america 
i enjoy this skins cant say more about it then wow 
the necklace i wear is a little pink Bird from *MishMish* cute huh? 
what more to say i went to shoetopia again this time for league 
and get those amazing sexy winter wedge boots in the color purple ,
 there are other great color but this one was my eyecatcher and of course they are amazing smiles 
what more can i tell you 
so the pose is from manifeste it one of those poses that are in the new clean up package 2013
and the location i choose is pangloss an amazing 
place where almost everything is in the colors pink 
in light pink dark pink , there are turtles flying 
and much more really check out this place its worth seeing it at least one time 
ok thats it for me 
hope ya enjoyed my post huggies 
credits and piccies as usually under this 
see ya next time 
Boobies Planet - *Sweet Cherry * Go Wild Darling! feat Tameless hair & League
Hair: Tameless Hair Francesca- Mega Pack
Skin: -Glam Affair - Elvi - America - 05
necklace: *MishMish* Fat Lil Bird Necklaces
Boobies: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Updated
Shirt & pants : *Sweet Cherry* Go Wild Darling! @ Boobies Planet
Boots: *League* Winter Wedge Boots -Purples @Shoetopia 2
Picture taken at : Pangloss
Pose: Manifeste Clean Up 2013