Monday, November 11, 2013

*pm* Our Lady of Electric Liberty feat Monso

heyas again me 
second post for today and not sure if there will one more or not 
if not it might follow tomorrow so check up my blog for next posts giggles
now i present you from paper moon 
this lovely toga  called Our Lady of electric liberty
which exists in 5 different colors included the one i show you in gold 
just love this toga its a soft pattern and so nice to wear
also from paper moon i got this lovely Our Lady Electric Liberty crown or headdress
and the matching Electric Liberty Ring  both in the color gold 
but they exists in the mainstore in 13 different versions 
yes you hear right 13 different versions thats a lot of different ones 
and really they are amazing
you have a static version and one where the lights change the place 
just so cool to wear made me feel so special 
from Glam affair i wear the new line called Elvi out at collabor 88 in the america tone
i just couldnt resist and got the skin package number 05 
really natural look with lovely eye make up 
just feeling so young now
really nothing to say against this skin i love to wear the new line 
The hair i show you is from Monso called Khaleesi 
i just show you the hair in a light brown tone today love how they made this hair 
the curls and the work on it is just amazing thankies for that 
what else the pumps are from ncore older ones called coquette in the color black 
and the jewelery i wear is from ** Feel** called Princess Ribbon short just lovely necklace 
the earrings are too but you cant see em right now on this post 
just love this necklace as its really cute and mathced great whith tis look 
and uhm i think pose was from manifeste but cant tell 100 % sure 
just using so many poses sometimes that i dont remember anymore which one 
really i apologise for this piccies and credits as usually right under this huggies
*pm* Our Lady of Electric Liberty feat Monso
skin: -Glam Affair - Elvi - America - 05 @ Collabor 88
Hair: [monso] My Hair - Khaleesi/ Regular Pack 2
Crown: *pm* Our Lady of Electric Liberty - Daylight/Gold
Necklace: **Feel**PrincessRibbonShortNecklaceSet
Dress: *pm* Our Lady of Electric Liberty Toga - Gold
rings: *pm* Electric Liberity Ring - Daylight/Gold
heels: N-core COQUETTE "Black"