Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 11 - [Little Tasta] & [The Forge]

yes again me wohoo 
ok last post for this week 
yes last one will have to prepare piccies again 
so this Post is about the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween again wohoo 
you know finally its all open and you can buy and shop all that you want 
soo i present you from Little tasta something nice to wear 
and from the forge some lovely accessory 
soo starting up with Little tasta i present you those lovely rares i got 
some cool headdresses amazing one really 
having that special touch of rarity just love them all and so many really thats awesome 
, also from little tasta you get a lovely camisk in different colors i show you 5 of them 
we have there seome common , some rare and even ultra rare colors  
and you get also from little tasta different sleeves that match perfectly to your camisk 
really i just love this creation and couldnt wait to blog this 
thank you very much for this gacha 
what else from [The forge] i present you this awesome Moon staff called aura
 really its amazing so great detail and easy to wear with anything 
also great for battles to be seen 
i just enjoy this really much thanks 
the hair i wear is from liquence called F3 in natural tones 
and the skin is from glam affair called Candy 
thats it 
pics n credits right under this 
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 11 - [Little Tasta] & [The Forge]
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 11 - [Little Tasta] & [The Forge]
Hair: . Liquence . - F3 in Natural Fades
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy skin - America 06
Headdress: [Little Tasta] Headdresses
Sleeves: [Little Tasta] Sleeves
Camisk: [Little Tasta] CAMISK ( common , rare & Ultra rare)
Staff: [The Forge] Aura's Moon Staff

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:
   Acerbus Silva

The different Gachas you can get from[Little Tasta] and from  [The Forge]: