Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 14 - !Cellar Door & Luas & Decadent Courtesan feat Tiar

Heyas yes i know what a big title you may say
and it is of yourse i just tried to mix and match as most brands together 
and that only to show you all off it as the 31 all is over
so showing you stuff from !Cella door , from Luas
from decadent Courtesan and from tiar 
wow just all different things and all really amazing 
so lets start with !cellar door where i present you 
this lovely Hood in the rare verion with cute ears
really love this one so cute and so many colors to choose for
really great the common ones arent that cute tho stil lovely with different color 
but no ears but really good mesh hoods that you really have to buy
and of course its a gacha so you really want it  and its uniseex ^.^
thankies for this lovely hood 
then from luas i present you  The allegra harness with matching nipple piercings 
but on the pics you cant see them as the Hood hides the piercings 
tho love the colors i just show you the rare colors and stil i love them
and the common colors are great too ^^ 
then from Decadent Courtesan i present you this lovely collar set 
which is also available for petites 
2 different colors with many options and for petites really its amazing 
 and last but not least Tiar which has done so many decorations this year 
starting with the mesh alter which i show you fully in my pics lovely animations 
and great look and all with a simple menu 
then we have the mesh graveyard which has a nice menu with adult animations yes 
some more nasty then others  hihih  just check it out and you will see more 
then i present you the jail mesh with a single menu with really nice poses inside 
as well as an adult menu  ^^ yes yes not to be shy to use it 
and the Pumpkin work garden where you have a simple menu to digg the garden and do some work or the adult menu where you do more then just sit on the pumpkins smiles
really love the animations and the menu its great work 
and always amazing detail in the different decorations 
really you have to see them to know them and to use em to be as much happy as i am 
ok thats it for now piccies and credits right under this 
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 14 - !Cellar Door & Luas & Decadent Courtesan feat Tiar
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 14 - !Cellar Door & Luas & Decadent Courtesan feat Tiar
Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 01
Hair: !lamb. Mon Cheri - Bimbo Blondes
Hood: ! Cellar Door Rare The Witches Familiar Hood
Collar: Decadent Courtesan Legacy Collars
Harness: Luas Allegra Rares

Tiar o2jm1Mesh graveyard sex
Tiar pumkin work garden w sex menu
Tiar Jail mesh sex/singel
Tiar mesh alter

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:
The different gachas you can get from  !Cellar Door and from Luas, 
from Decadent Courtesan and from  Tiar :