Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 16 - Final Post

heyas so i know its halloween and there will follow one more halloween post
but before i wanted to give a tribute to those designers i unfortunately couldnt blog 
as i had no time anymore to do so 
they all had fantastic stuff
and all are worth to be bought 
so here the last gachas for the fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween
ow just to be said those are the vendor picture of the different designers 
i stil hope you like what you see and you stil buy the last possible day at the 
Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween 
so here are the different Gachas :
at Geek you really got lovely gachas , some super sexy Hermit shirts with working belt 
they just look awesome dont ya think so? 
You also get those suuper cute Punties in different colors
and best they talk with ya when you speak to them and answer back 
so sweet and they look so adorable 
and also from Geek you get those Recycled Hoodies in different colors  of course 
tho black and i would say a light gray color 
just love them and a pitty i dint get to blog those 
big thankies to the designer tho for this lovely gachas
22769 Bauwerk
From Bauwerk as you can see on the piccies you got as rare gift a lovely working place just great work  and love it but unfortunately dint get to blog them anymore 
also the common gachas look awesome 
thanks to the designer for this one
 22769 Casual Couture
Form 22769 Casual Couture you got this lovely  Helice dress which looks like a dress full of leaves i love this one its sexy and has some style and the colors look great 
thankies for this
 Deluxe Body Factory
From Deluxe Body Factory i also got this lovely dress called Sigrid leather Patchwork dress
in mesh really lovely patchwork dress and the color is amazing 
stil the uni-color ones arent bad at all too 
thankies for this
Apricot Paws
From Apricot Paws i got those lovely pointy Paws in different colors
just lovely and really nothing to say against them 
they are amazing for furry avatars too 
From Ascent i got those awesome Armored Gloves in the rare colors 
just great details and different textures
you want to know more
hurry to the fantsy gacha Carnival Halloween and get those before its over
thankies to the designer for this one
 La petite morte
From La petite morte i got those lovely eye sets and this sexy skin 
eyes are calledIntensity and really love the eye colors so wicked 
and the skin is just wow and so different 
called Quinn i would have presented you the rare ones
but i think all are worth to get em 
 Rack Poses
From Rack Poses you got this time those tied for you poses and the wall poses
both lovely pose packs and really for your gorean or slave needs
really wow thankies
Eleventh Hour
From Eleventh Hour i got this rare Night Cristal Ball  really its lovely 
and also all the rest of this set is amazing 
and shows so much detail but really im so sorry i dint get the time to show this one 
thankies to the designer

Dragg'in Draggons by Decadent Courtesan 
just lovely dragons you can hang on 
so cool ones and great in look 
unfortunately i cant show you a picture of thise one as i dont have any 
thanks to the designer tho
i love those dragons 

Ferocious - BDSM-Gor Jewelry
got lovely Jewelery from Ferocious but unfortunately
im not allowed to copy those pic 
so you have to get to the Fantasy gacha Carnival and have a peek at those lovely Jewelerys
thank you

The Stringer Mausoleum - Eyes
From The Stringer Muaosleum i got also lovely eyes for biggies and for petites
if you want to know more check out at the fantasy gacha carnival halloween

From Phototonic i got lovely couple Poses called etheral dreams
as well as hanging tree poses
unfortunately cant show you the piccies 
but if you want to know more just check out at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival halloween
thank you 

so thats it 
the last post for this gacha rounds
hope you liked my work 
i had fun
and thank you for reading my posts 

Sweetali Star