Thursday, October 31, 2013

Living Imagination - Halloween Glow feat Monso

heyas again me hahaha 
ok so we have the 31 today and stil its some time till the dark creatures are coming out 
so for now i show you my favourite Halloween look 
and its from Living Imagination
really such a biig thank you to Bodza for this lovely outfit
so many details so lovely 
but first of all the name , its called Halloween Glow and all new out at the store 
and only in that style so you have some great skulls on the skirt 
like a belt with small glow strings on it 
then you have an amazing flowing skirt with spider webs on it 
actually even the corset and the upper part of the dress are spider webs
 and its really amazing
on the head you wear a skull too 
with arms made of wood and stil some more spider webs on it 
and included is also a lovely face tattoo with spider webs 
cant say more then wow wow wow 
so i combined with this look the hair from Monso 
just love this hairstyle and thought i just look amazing like this 
its called Khaleesi and choose the regular pack then you have more color choices
i wear the black haircolor and love the curls and the details 
the skin i wear is from Glam affair and called Eva in the color tan 
used number 12 out of this package just love the skin and the look 
and the boots again from bax coen 
tho i could have used almost everything under this dress i choose boots
 to make it look more dramatic 
ok thats it 
piccies and credits right under this 
Living Imagination - Halloween Glow feat Monso
skin: -Glam Affair- Eva- Tan - 12
hair: [monso] My Hair - Khaleesi/ Regular Pack 2
Outfit: *Living Imagination* Halloween Glow
boots: BAX Regency Boots Black Leather