Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fantasy gacha Carnival 02 - Tiar

yes its me again wohoo 
weekeend and yes i have time to blog 
so today i present you a lovely guy called Niyol 
and yes he was so kind to try on this lovely gacha from tiar
and yes thats one of the 2 rares you can get for males from tiar, in black and brown 
would have loved to show you the brown one too , but . Mr Niyol dint got it 
so actually it poofed and none of us had it anymore sighs 
so little information about his look 
hair is from Ego and called Yok , really love the style , sexy and tho mature 
same as the beard he wears makes the look bit older , really mature guy , and sexy master 
the necklace he wears is from RD same as the belt , great designer , 
great stuff what else to say ow yes the pants perhaps  giggles
they are from razor and really  cool cargo pants, sexy for males dont u think so ? ow i really love his look 
the feet he got from jomo just sexy ones and the eyes from Pc
look in to my eyes sexy muahahaha 
ow and the fantasy gacha carnival is opeeeen
 so hurry up there to get this lovely amazing gachaaas  hop hop 
giggles just enjoy and have fun exploring its an awesome sim 
thats it for now gspot and freya are up next huggies 
as always pic and credits right under this

Fantasy gacha Carnival 02 - Tiar 
Hair: [ EGO ] YOK - Noir -
Jacket : Tiar Man jacket  black rare @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Pant : Razor /// Baggy Cargo Faders w/ HUD
Belt: **[RD] Utility Belt**
Necklace: [RD]  Conquer Necklace
Beard : ::M-Arc Mirror:: Realistic Full Beard 2 ( marketplace only )
Mesh Feet: JOMO MESH men's feet
Eyes : pc eyes - moon - espresso