Sunday, August 11, 2013

Iren - Maya feat Crystal Line & Energie

Heyas out there 
Bad news at first 
really loved to blog for the Going Bust rounds at Cleavage but unfortunately 
after that the Blogger manager left 
i got ejected from the group 
so cant show you anymore the lovely styles from jadore, sexz, pink acid
and many more , really loved to blog those amazing designers fashion but
seems as I wasnt good enough to stay inside 
so no more cleavage and going busts round anymore 

ok now Good News 
I present you some lovely clothes smiles
really lovely clothes i got from Crystal Line thank you to rena-san 
lovely outfit and you have a nice hud to color change 
your outfit into 6 different colors 
yep and you can choose if you want the back side ring in gold or silver
Also something new is the Lovely hair i show you 
its the new creation from lamb and actually out at the Collabor 88 Sim right now 
really just fantastic work 
also new from Iren is this lovely skin called Maya
showing it to you in the Mocca tone but also exists in lighter versions 
and even darker smiles 
really just love the skin soft natural, and cute 
thank you iris for this lovely Skin 
And those sexy Pumps really , cant say much then wow , i love those 
so sexy so much detail, so precious 
and they are from Energie
its out of the Remix part 3 differentPumps 
once in a lovely black tone , special the backside is laced and amazing heels 
then the Black and gold version , two faces, two looks 
and so sexy and sensual cant say more 
and then the pink version a dream of every Girl
not much on it just the color i love it 
you get a hud with the heels whos really easy to use
Big thankies to Allegra for those amazing Pumps 
what else thats it for now more soon 
Pics and credits right under this as always
Iren - Maya feat Crystal Line & Energie

Iren - Maya feat Crystal Line & Energie
Hair: !lamb. Zelda (Mesh) - Chocolate Bars Pack @ Collabor 88
Skin: [ iren ] Maya_mocca
Dress: ((Crystal Line))Sweet Heart Dress MESH
Pumps: ..::Energie::.. Remix Night Pumps YB & Remix Caps Pumps Black 
& Remix  Pumps Pink
Poses: Manifeste