Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 04 - Bina & The Forge

yep me again and blogging again , 2 more post will follow after this one 
ow yes , blogging time as you know i just have quick blog weekends smiles
Today i present you from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
 the creations from Bina and from The Forge 
starting with Bina you just get a really lovely camisk 
and i mean it its a lovely mesh camisk, with a sexy belt attachment 
best of it its not the colors of the camisks which are rare
 no, its the belt colors which you can change as a hud 
the opacity in a hud 
and the ring color in a hud 
thats the rares you get so you have some little specials for your camisk, 
getting it more see through or less, having different belt colors
and changing the little ring colors to another lovely color 
and so easy to use big thankies to cymoril for this lovely outfit 
oww and i almost forgot 
you get the camisk in a PG version and an OOpsie version giggles
where you show your breasts  
you can find one nice piccie of the oopsie version on my pictures giggles 
its a bit hidden perhaps but its blogged smiles
and really its lovely camisk colors even nice net textures 
and sexy cupcake version are just more special ones i think 
hmm what can i tell you more 
the jewelery from The forge is awesome 
as rare ones you have the Bodicea´s necklace in the colors
Silver, Gold and Bronze
and as less special necklace  and bit smaller you have 9 colors to choose from 
hopefully you get the right gacha you want  smiles 
big thankies to Deccan for this lovely set
The hair i wear is from Red Mint lovely one got it from the hair fair 
and the skin is from Glam Affair called layla 
which is at the moment stil available for 100 ls each skin with one make up color
smiles ok thats it for now 
piccies and credits right under this huggies
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 04 - Bina & The Forge
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 04 - Bina & The Forge
Hair: (r)M Hair No.13'13 ( B r o w n s )
Skin: -Glam Affair- Layla Tan skin 12
Necklaces: [The Forge]  Boadicea's Bracelets
Camisk: BINA camisk & BINA oopsie camisk 

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:

The different gachas you can get from Bina and from The Forge :