Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 12 - Final Designers

i just want to apologies to all the designers i dint get the time to blog
so as a big thank you to them all will show you some lovely vendor pictures of the different designers that i dint blog till now and tho want to show you  
so with which designer will i start
ow btw will add up the links to the store of every designer directly 
no credits this time

so will start with :
Eleventh hour has this lovely Rustic Barrel Shower as a rare gift really its lovely 
and gresat textures as you see there were some other gachas too
like a torch, a camp fire and shields 
just actually a good deal i think thanks for this one
From Stitched gods you got 2 different gachas 
first you have  the country flag gacha 
where the rare flags are American Revolution, The Imperial Japanese Flag , 
The Aussie Flag, and The European Flag 
and you have many other flags as well which aren´t rare
 just check out the vendor picture smiles 
Also from Stitched Gods you get different Shields
here you have 2 different ones who are rare ones and the rest are more commun ones 
you just have to be lucky to get those
thanks for this gachas ^_^

 From Sweet Pea i just show you this lovely scarves set you could win
so the rare ones are the silver one and the black one
and the normal ones are all the other colors so lovely really
 thanks for this cute set of scarves

From Kahli designs you just get thoose lovely masks called Masks madness
you have really lovely ones 
but the best are the rare ones of course
as choice you have The owl masks which are rare ones in the color white and brown
then the uncommon ones are Unicorn masks in blue,brown,pink and white  and the normal ones are Goblin masks 
thank you for those lovely masks ^^ they are amazing

 From Pocket avatars i just got those lovely boots 
they are the belted boots which all are in the color light brown with different belts
and rare one as you can see are the ones with the brown belts
then you also have the Ribbon Boots 
which are all in dark brown  with different ribbon colors and
 here the pink one is the rare version
just lovely boots and work for tinys as well as regular avatars 
thank youu for this one
 From Zinnias i just got this lovely Fantasy Color Wheels 
really lovely colors  and the loveliest is the rare one called Midnight 
just love the colors of those wheels 
other colors are Sunset, candyland, summer, ocean and icecream 
so funny color names actually and tho they match perfectly i think
cant say much more a part thank youu for those wheels they are amaziiing
From rack poses i presented you already the single poses 
but dint get to show you the couple poses 
so here you go with 2 lovely couple poses you could have won in the gachas
really theyx are sensual cute and show the strengt of a master and his sub 
but could also work for just a couple in love whos up for little nasty stuff 
giggles thankies for this one
From Fallen dreams inc i just got a lovely mask called 
.:FD:. Cirque du Soliel Gatcha- Mask Diamons RARE really lovely mask 
cant tell more about it 
what else i got a cirque du soleil gatcha necklace which is really colorfull but lovely ^^
also got some Ring Master gatcha shoes as well as matching gloves 
in different sizes 
thanks for this one huggies 
( I hope i get the venor pictures soon for this one sorry to let you wait )

From cloud i got lovely shoulder pads 
the rare ones are silver and black and just really lovely in detail 
really would have loved to show you the picture directly but unfortunately no copy no mod
so will have to wait till the creator is on to get the picture to show you 
huggies for this one

The Life hud really is amazing you get a hud which you can activate
you have specific things to do like you do all day
shower, go to the toilet, sleep,have fun, eat and drink and so on 
and you have for everything a matching object to use 
like to drink you have a energy drink in you hand , to wash yourself you get a condittionner to click , to sleep you get a pillow to reez 
and you can lvl up during this one
but you musnt thats your choice at the first day , if you lvl up you get some lovely gift in between , like i got lollies from lvl 1 to 2  to eat 
really its fun but takes some time
thanks for this one 

If i do miss any of the designers i stil got then i really apologise 
just did all into a folder and tried just to add al into this folder and go one by one 
thanks for sending me your stuff and was glad i could blog for this amazing event 
The event will end on August 21 
so have fun and enjoy The fantasy Gacha carnival