Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 03 - Gspot & Freya

 heyas again me 
yes i know im quick blogging again might coming some more soon 
who knows who knows for sure ill get you some more about 
the Fantasy Gacha carnival Event  thats only the beginning 
got so much to show you just going trough my inventory slowly
 and choosing things which might work together , or i hope they do 
probably some owners might not like it but i hope its ok 
cause its really too many entrys if i just do one entry per designer
so today i present you awesome stuff one time from Gspot big thanks to Jalilah for this 
so i present you a lovely set of Colors where you have as RARE ones the Black one , the gold one and the Black-Gold version really lovely and great detail in the collar design
best its an open collar script so easy to use 
also from Gspot are these lovely crowns  in the colors 
Moon of my Life, Winter is coming and Suncrown Gold
which are also the rare ones , 
but also showing you one common one  actually also the collar one , 
marble collar and little crown aqua which are lovely sets 
and just really love those stuff she does 
The i show you from Freya , big thankies to Tammy 
a lovely outfit called Femknight which looks like 
a really sexy camisk in really amazing colors 
as if you wear a lot of leaves on your body hmm sexy really 
rare colors are black and grunge and really they are worth it to be rare 
also from Freya you get the outfit called PeacheZ
 really lovely Jumper  with jacket all one piece set 
in the colors Black and Brown as rare version ,
 but also here you get many other colors too 
and all are worth to get em giggles
hm what else to know 
the hair is from Wasabi Pills really lovely hairstyle 
and Skin from al vulo , old one from the dressing Room fusion 
thats it for the moment 
huggies and kisses 
pics and credits right under this 
aswell as the whole gachas In pictures that you get from those 2 amazing designers

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 03 - Gspot & Freya
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 03 - Gspot & Freya
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kelly Mesh Hair - Browns Pack
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Ylenia ] - [ Regal Bisquit TDR ]
.:GSpot:. Moon of My Life RARE &
.:GSpot:. Winter is coming RARE & 
.:GSpot:. Suncrown gold RARE &
.:GSpot:. little crown aqua

 .:GSpot:. Ancient Collar gold &
.:GSpot:. Ancient Collar Gold Black &
.:GSpot:. Ancient Collar Black &
 .:GSpot:. Ancient Collar Marble
[F] [Freya] Femknight Black RARE Gatcha &
[F] [Freya] Femknight Grunge RARE Gatcha  &
[F] [Freya] PeacheZ Black RARE Gatcha &
[F] [Freya] PeacheZ Black-Brown RARE Gatcha

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:

The different gachas you can get from Gspot and from Freya :