Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mix n match 05 @ kawaii Fair 2013

Heyas me again for today giggles
yes yes i said no more for today before but ... cant blog anymore before monday now 
perhaps sunday evening will have to see
a part if i can get my new comp before .. time will say 
and my pay check too giggles 
So the hair is again from lelutka , bit older hair but stil like this one it's called Blythe ^_^
The Glasses are from StrwaberryJam and actually broken not sure if you can see it really good on the picture but its amazing work 
The skin is From ME , same as the Blouse , skin soft tone , lovely make up and the blouse sexy and kinky with this kawaii touch , great work ^^ 
With the skirt i fell in love , so cute with the panda on it, its from lavandachic and really you must get it , also exists in different colors but  soo kawaiiii 
The panda in my hands is from DA , really cute also available in 2 more colors , 
with standing animation and without 
The Nails are again from Forever Young , this time i show youuuu 
cute little clouds on a blue background wohooo 
The leg warmers together with the shoes are from Razor , and really this ones i love 
its plenty of kitties and pink and kawaii cant say more then go and get it giggles 
And the awesome Vintage Ottoman from serafine called Spencer, really lovely poses , 
so much to choose and theres a menu with 8 poses 
and then you can additionally choose  5  female poses
All you need is a lovely home to add this great Ottoman 
ok thats it for today .. see you hopefully before the weekend , otherwise 
have a good Weekend folks and see you on sunday/ Monday evening
Huggiees credits and Piccies right under it as always

Mix n match 05 @ kawaii fair 2013

SF:. "Spencer" Vintage Ottoman @ kawaii fair 2013
Skin: [:ME:] Azuka Milk Skintone (Spring01) @ kawaii Fair
Hair: [LeLutka]-BLYTHE hair/Dark Blonde
Glasses: .StrawberryJam. Wonderland Glasses 04 @ kawaii Fair
Top: [:ME:] Victoria 1Shoulder Blouse (Dot01) @ kawaii Fair
Skirt: LavandaChic*Belted MiniSkirt (Pink-Turquoise) @ kawaii Fair
Teddy: {D.A} Kawaii Panda Pink @ kawaii Fair
Nails: :FY: Kawaii Nails @ kawaii Fair
Leg warmers: Razor /// High Molly Leg Warmers - Kawaii Kitty @ kawaii Fair
Furniture: .:SF:. "Spencer" Vintage Ottoman @ kawaii Fair

Mix n Match 04 @ kawaii fair 2013

Heyas out there ^_^
im in the best mood looking for a new computer already and might be i soon have a new one 
so my blogging might be soon much more again ^^ 
ok so today i show you awesome hair from lelutka 
Called Effect Hair  and the effect is the flowers, plants tattoo in the hair 
you can wear it or not 
The Skin i show you is from ME and called Azuka in a Milk skintoen ,
 its really lovely and cute make up, and the tone is really fair 
The cute little necklace i show you is from MishMish and called Fat little bird
actually its really cute but dont think the birdy is so fat giggles 
The dress i show you is from Serafine , really i love the work from serafine its a cute mesh dress available in several sizes and also in different colors 
really cute isn't it ? 
The Nails are from Forever young and this time ... in pink with a panda on it wohooo 
what will be next ? some more to go giggles 
The rings so lovely are from Phoebe and  called Pointsettia, they are so cute and lovely in both colors couldnt resist wearing them 
And then this lovely cute little pet i got from oceania Breedables , 
really soo cutee and adorable , a lovely violet kawhale , 
really so soft and cute just wanted to hug him in rl 
and last but not least from tentacio really lovely kawaii sneakers, 
also in mesh and really cute 
thats all from me today huggies 
credits and pic right under it

Mix n match 04 @ kawaii fair 2013 Credits:
Skin: [:ME:] Azuka Milk Skintone (Spring03) @ kawaii Fair
Hair: [LeLutka]-EFFECT hair
Necklace: *MishMish* Fat Lil Bird Necklaces
@ kawaii Fair 
 Dress: .:SF:. "Chloe" Babydoll Dress - Gold [MESH]  @ kawaii Fair  
Nails: :FY: Kawaii Nails@ kawaii Fair   
Rings: *P* Poinsettia Rings ~Spring Pack~@ kawaii Fair  
Pet: ~Oceania Breedables~ Kawaii Fair @ kawaii Fair  
Shoes: *Tentacio* Kawaii sneakers @ kawaii Fair

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mix n Match 03 @ Kawaii fair 2013

Heyas out there after a weekend without my Comp 
yes its broke definately need a new motherboard and thats for sure too expensive 
so will get a new comp beginning of May
ok that was about my rl so now about sl , 
was wearing this outfit for over a week now 
and couldnt show it to you till now 
i present you from artilleri some old hair i found in my inventory 
and tho really sexy its called rina and i just love the style 
From 7 deadly skins i present you the Vanity pre sale skin , really lovely tone and best you have the option to add the skin color to your lola breasts, as you can see i did that giggles 
The backpack i show you is so cuute and exists in several colors , i just choose the red one to make it all flashy and even more cute ^.^ big thanks to Epic for that one 
From *P* i got this lovely frog piercing , i just love it how bout you ? 
The nails are again from Forever young this time with Mr Froggie on it *KAWAIII**
The shirt and the skirt are from SexZ , i just love their creations and know them from the Going Bust event at Cleavage , really awesome they clothing and so sexy and cute ^.^
The Boots are from Step inside , i just choose the yellow ones 
but there are more just check them out huggies 
Thats all from me pics and credits right under it huuuuugs
Mix n Match 03 @Kawaii Fair
Hair: /artilleri/ Rina hair *jet black*
Skin: Vanity Pre-Sale Skin B4a T2 & tango by 7 deadly skins

Shirt: ..:sexZ:..-RedKoala KawaiiTittyTee w/Tango applier - KF2013 @ Kawaii Fair
Breasts: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Backpack: *Epic* Kawaii Neo Neko TV Backpack {Red}
@ Kawaii Fair
Piercing: *P* Frog Belly Piercing ~8 Metals/9 Gems~ @ Kawaii Fair 
Nails: :FY: Kawaii Nails@ Kawaii Fair  
Skirt: ..:sexZ:..-KawaiiMiniSkirt DarkDenimA - Kawaii Fair 2013 @ Kawaii Fair  
Boots: KAWAII Boots 3 *Step inSide* @ Kawaii Fair

Poses: manifeste 150-170
Location: It all starts with a smile

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Going Bust - ~D'Noir~ Corset Noir Passion feat kawaii Fair 2013

heya out there second post for today 
this time i present you thre GOING Bust that you can find at Cleavage 
its a sexy corset and panties from D'noir just so sexy couldnt resist wearing it 
rawwwrr hot,
 together with it added the lola tangos a
s you have the special cleavage option to add lolas or other mesh boobies  
Actually thats all from cleavage cause
 all the rest almost all is from the kawaii fair again giggles 
The skin is from AnnaA, Called FemboyLinus and i really like the skin , actually you can wear it as a girl or as a guy , you just choose ^^
The hair is from lelutka called canto and just lovely hair and fresh , 
best you have an opton for the mesh breasts so that the hair isnt inside the boobies
The Necklace is from retro and called crayon necklace and as it says it looks like .. 
kawaii, cute and as if you want to draw giggles 
The glasses i wear are from StrawberryJam and are called Wonderland Glasses i just choose the first ones as i liked them but there are other styles ^^ 
The make up is from Pink acid lovely lip gloss with included teet, so sexy and cute at once 
The nails are from FY and really they are kawaii you have a hud to choose the nails you love , i choose the color i show you with Pukka on it Kawaiii ^_^
And again lovely sneakers from PL , this time in a dark cheetah style 
thats all from me,
 poses are from manifeste poses 110 till  140 dont remmber which one it was
credits and pics right under it
Going Bust - ~D'Noir~ Corset Noir Passion feat kawaii Fair 2013
Skin: ::[annaA]:: Skin Femboy "Linus" -light- @ Kawaii Fair 
Hair: [LeLutka] - CANTO hair
Glasses: .StrawberryJam. Wonderland Glasses 01 @ Kawaii Fair 
Make-up: Pink Acid Kawaii Cupcake Lip Gloss & Teeth 8 Pack @ Kawaii Fair 
Necklace: Retro' crayon necklace @ Kawaii Fair 
Boobs: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Underwear: ~D'Noir~ Corset Noir  Passion GBS. @ Cleavage
Nails: :FY: Kawaii Nails @ Kawaii Fair 
Wedges: [PL] Wedge Sneakers - Dark Cheetah @ Kawaii Fair 
Poses: Manifeste

Mix n Match 02 @ kawaii fair 2013

Heya out there 
today actually wanted to power blog , BUT 
my Comp broke , yes OMG , what now , 
couldn do anything a part then leave my bf at home
 and go back to my parents to get this blog posts done  sighs 
so need to get a new comp first before ic an blog at my bf his place anymore grrr 
( im most of the time at my bfs place ) 
but ok i show you again a looot of stuff you can get at the kawaii fair , 
so many things i like and so much to show ^.^
The skin iw ear is from AnnaA, called lisa in the skin tone light , its a lovely skin and really detailed, i love the blush on it and the soft tone 
then i show you from Lelutka again a new release called Bouffant hair , where you can also get a tiara with it but i dint wante dto wear it for this post  ^_^  its lovely hair and existing in lovely colors
The Horn i wear is from Bubble and called Rainbow uni hair ,
 its a lovely and cute horn to match your looks and make it more special , 
same as the piercings from *P* i actually dont like piercings but those i loved ,
 and they are color change ^.^ wohooo
Then as necklace i choose a ribbon this time , to make it more special , 
i choose the pink ribbon , but you get so many colors to choose 
then the dress and the bra are from pichi 
both exists in so many colors and you can mix and match them as you like ^.^
The tights are from Bubble electric and actually you have the choice to choose between
 a pant layer or a tattoo layer to wear them
The cute bag is from MDL and really i love their bags and they are always color changeable
 , so you can make them match your style perfectly , 
and last to show you are the sneaker wedges from PL , 
i love those wedges thats why i want to show you them as much as i can giggles
The poses i choose are from manifeste , 
was any pose between 80 and 100 cant really tell you anymore i tried so many 
so thats all for today huggies

Mix n match 02 - kawaii fair 2013
Skin: ::[annaA]:: Skin Female "Lisa" -light- @ Kawaii Fair
Hair: LeLutka]-BOUFFANT hair
Horn: [ bubble ] Rainbow Uni Horn @ Kawaii Fair
Piercings: *P* Unisex Face Piercing B2 ~8 Metals/9 Colors~ @ Kawaii Fair
Ribbon: Retro' ribbon tie @ Kawaii Fair
Bra: ::PiCHi::. Honeysuckle lace-bra @ Kawaii Fair
Dress: .::PiCHi::. BLAKE Color-Block leather dress [turquoise-pastel] @ Kawaii Fair
Tights: Bubble Electric; Geni Batty Tattoo Tights @ Kawaii Fair
Bag: MDL - Bunny Bag Kawaii - 10 Colors @ Kawaii Fair
Sneakers: [PL] Wedge Sneakers - White & Green @ Kawaii Fair
Poses: Manifeste 

Picture taken at : Spirit Fens 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mix n Match @ kawaii fair 2013

Heyas out there 
today i present you whole new stuff you can find all at the kawaii fair,
 yes .. the kawaii fair has opened his doors 
and there are amazing designers in it .. just check it out ..
 i know there are a loooot of stores
 i think around 75 and all with soo cutee stuff 
yes kawaii is japanese and means cute,
 so what else to see then all cute stuff everywhere
ok but stop talking about kawaii, 
i show you kawaii,
 starting with a lovely dress from Runaway called sweet Cupcake Strawberry, 
which is so cute i wanted to bite in it hihih 
Also showing you from Pl some lovely Nerd glasses
 wich are in the hello kitty style 
and texture change , 
also from pl are the wedge sneakers, lovely work on them and so many colors to choose ,
 just get to the kawaii fair and have a look around , 
you surely find the wedges of your dreams
The lovely necklace is a dollarbie gift and from Mdl, 
just so cute and lovely couldnt resist to wear it , 
same as the lovely kitty bag wich is color change to match all your needs , 
i choose the color turquoise and i really love it ^.^ what you think ??
The gloves i show you are from Razor,
 and best you can change the color of the stars and it´s mesh which is really great 
hm what else lovely multicolor earring from bubble wich are looking like wings 
and an amazing skin from Step Inside, to make the look even more kawaii fair ^.^
The hair i used is the new hair from lelutka called Emeli,
 its a hair attachment in mesh and you get the matching hairbase with it ^_^ 
i just love the hair from lelutka 
so thats all for today from the kawaii fair , next post tomorrow with even so cool and cute releases, credits and pic right under it 
Mix n Match @ kawaii fair
Skin: ANIKA Kawaii edition *Step inSide* @ Kawaii Fair
Hair: [LeLutka]-EMELI hair
Earrings: [ bubble ] Rainbow Wings Earings @ Kawaii Fair
Glasses: [PL] Hai Kitty Nerd Glasses @ Kawaii Fair
Necklace: MDL- - Kawaai Angel & Demon -Dollarbie @ Kawaii Fair
Dress: [RA] Sweet Cupcake Strawberry @ Kawaii Fair
Gloves: Razor /// 4 Finger Gloves - Kawaii Stars @ Kawaii Fair
Bag: MDL Cat Bag Kawaii (EXCLUSIVE KAWAII) @ Kawaii Fair
shoes:[PL] Wedge Sneakers - Seeing Stars @ Kawaii Fair

Poses: Manifeste

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crystal Line feat 7 deadly Skins

heyas out there 
first post after i started work this week 
 i can tell you it is really tough to work with kiddies ,
 the ones i have are between 2 and 4 years old and really they are HORRIBLE lmao 
no its ok they are kids , but im really exhausted at the end of the day

so today i present you from crystal line for the renewal of the shop 
this amazing jewelery set called heart drop  which is extremely cute and lovely at once 
also from crystal line i show you this lovely mesh dress called wavy dress 
which esists in several collors you just have to see them ^^  
and the lovely ankle boots wich i show you in red/black but also exists in several other colors

The hair i present you is from lelutka its called magdalen, a lovely updo hair which includes a ponytail
 ( i dont show it on the pic tho ) 
and the skin is from 7 deadly skins,
 really lovely skin, just love the color , not to much cleavage and nice make up, 
great for going out or having a walk or perhaps blogging them giggles 
ok all from me credits and pics right under this 
crystal line feat 7deadly skins

Skin: {7DS} Weekend Promo : Lust B4a+ T2 DEF ( from last week)
Hair: [LeLutka]-MAGDALEN hair/Light Brunette
Jewelery: ((Crystal Line))Heart Drop Accessory set NEW
Dress: ((Crystal Line))Wavy Dress-MESH Red
 Heels: ((Crystal Line))Stilletto Ankle Boots-MESH BlackRed NEW

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fixati0nZ feat Chop Zuey & Lelutka

Heya out there 
today i show you this lovely outfit from Fixati0n,
 its called Harem pants with a bandau, and really i love it,
both upper and pants have a Hud to texture change them,
 and you can mix and match as you like,
 you mustnt make both the same color, 
all depends on your mood 
also i show you the new Hair from Lelutka called Dolce,
 amazing hair and just fit perfectly, 
I love the Hairstyles from Lelutka , they are always amazing with great textures.
As Jewelery i choose the Gift i got from Chop Zuey at the Hollywood Event, 
a really lovely set called Paparazzi III in red,
 which includes, braclets, earrings and 2 versions of the chocker,
It couldnt be better as its free *smiles*
The skin is from Al Vulo which is stil available at the dressing Room Fusion,
 and the feet you can find at N-core Mainstore ^.^
what else .. 
pose is from Glitterati  and bit older already
 and took the picture at Izzie´s Mainstore, 
lovely place to take pictures really you have to go there and see huggies 
pics n credits below 

Fixati0n feat Chop Zuey & lelutka
Fixati0nZ feat Chop Zuey & Lelutka
Fixati0nZ feat Chop Zuey & Lelutka
Fixati0nZ feat Chop Zuey & LelutkaCredits:
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Ramona ] - [Peacock Sunkissed TDR ] NEW
Hair: [LeLutka]-DOLCE hair NEW
Jewelery: Chop Zuey Gift Paparazzi III Rd Set @ Hollywood Event  FREE
Outfit: Fixati0nZ - Harem Pants & Bandau NEW

Fixati0nZ Store not open yet - Comming Soon
Feet: N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops (Mesh) NEW
Pose: GLITTERATI - 023
Place: Izzie´s Mainstore 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Graffitiwear feat Alice Project

heya out there 
today i present you this lovely hair from Alice project ,
 amazing mesh and i just love the menu to dye the hair as you like .. so many possiblities, 
which means so many different looks hehehe 
as Clothes I choose from Graffitiwear the Animal Print Jumper wich is in a lovely leopard like look and with sexy leggings to match the look 
also from Graffitiwear and available as subscriber group gift is the lovely jewlery i wear,
 necklace, earrings and a braclet  ... 
cute design and black ice .. hmm .. is black ice hot when normal ice is cold .. 
who knows giggles 
The shoes are from N-core , also the group gift the wild  Coquette Platform,
 the skin is from Al vulo, which you can find at the Dressing Room Fusion 
And the Pose i use is from Manifeste, 
i juste love the poses from manifeste and cant get enough of them ^_^
thats why i did the picture also on the Manifeste Sim giggles .. 
just couldnt get enough of there smiles
credits and pics below
Graffitiwear feat Alice Project
Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Ramona ] - [Peacock Sunkissed TDR ] NEW
Hair: Alice Project - Bells II - Infinity     Availabale at Fameshed NEW
Jewelery: Graffitiwear April 2013 Subscriber Group Gift - Black Ice jewelery Set NEW
Outfit: Graffitiwear Animal Print Jumper & Leggings @ Designer Showcase NEW
Pumps: N-core *Group Gift* Coquette Platform "Wild Edition"
Pose: **Manifeste** - Model_543 NEW
Location: Manifeste - The Art of Posing

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Fling - .:sexZ:..-Babydoll Swallows Feat ***Feel***

Hey ^-^
Blogging time giggles ,
so today i present you one last Dress you can get at the Spring Fling event ,
its from Sexz and its called Babydoll Swallos, 
best is you have actually 2 versions of it ,
one where you have big breasts as if the implants where inside
and another one where you can add your lolas ^.^
i really enjoy the texture with the birds and the clouds just cute and sexy in one 
The jewelery i wear is the new release from Atuko-chan which is called Pearlbutterfly 
and its a really cute set , as the name tells you there are pearls and butterflys on it ^.^ 
and its texture change 
The hair i show you is from Miss C , you can get it for free at the Hollywood event ,
 same as the pumps and the poses i used for this post, 
and there are many more designers that give a lot of stuff for free,
 like n-core, Gizza ,Miss C. ,  and and and ....

The Skin is from Al vulo and its available for low price at the Dressing Room Fusion, 
its a lovely skin and just love the tone  ^.^
so thats all from me 
credits and pics below 

Spring Fling - .:sexZ:..-Babydoll Swallows  Feat ***Feel*** Credits: 
Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Ramona ] - [Peacock Sunkissed TDR ] NEW 
Hair: Miss C. - Kate_Black @ The Hollywood Event  0l$
Jewelery: **Feel**PearlButterflyNecklaceSet NEW
Dress: ..:sexZ:..-Babydoll Swallows @ Spring Fling
Pumps: even.flow - ColorBlock Pumps "Wonder Edition" @ The Hollywood Event 
Poses:  House of Dragovar Glamour Poses @ The Hollywood Event

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fable-Blaydz - Spring Fling Halter Dress feat N-core Flat Barefeet & Flip-Flops

Hey out there again me hahah 
im in blogging mood
 so presenting you this lovely Spring fling halter dress from Fable-blaydz
actually its a really cute mesh dress 
and you have a nice hud with it to change the color of the dress ,
 thats right and you have 4 colors as choice ^.^
with this dress i put on the drop Earrings by Epic , 
which are color change too and you have a lot of options to choose 
As skin i choose from 7deadly skins the one called Delirium sin
 , its a tanned skin tone with lovely make-up 
The hair is from vanity hair .. just really love this style, 
the ring from Sexz  and the poses by Posesion ..
 and you can find them for free at the spring fling Hunt ^.^
ok thats it .. for today 
huggies piccies and credits right under it 
Fable-Blaydz - Spring Fling Halter Dress feat N-core Flat Barefeet & Flip-Flops
Fable-Blaydz - Spring Fling Halter Dress feat N-core Flat Barefeet & Flip-Flops
Skin: {7DS} Delirium Sin nr1
Hair: !VA! Sinahi-Nova Black & Vanity Hair Base Nova Black
Earrings: {EPIC} Drop Earrings - Spring Fling
Dress: Fable-Blaydz - Spring Fling Halter Dress (Includes Hud) @ Spring Fling
Ring: ..:sexZ:..-Swallow Rings - Spring Fling Hunt Item
Feet: N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops (Mesh) NEW

Poses: *PosESioN* Mannequin 4 & *PosESioN* Mannequin 5 - Spring Fling Hunt Item

Spring Fling - Zinnias feat Jelly (Going Bust)

heyas out there sorry for not posting the last 2 days
 .. my easter was all happy in bed .. was ill with a tonsilitis ..
 i just love that really but ok .. feeling bit better again 
and thought hey you have to blog this 
so and thats what i did 
so presenting you today from Zinnias this lovely daybed called Oaxaca,
 which has male poses , female poses and also couple poses rawwr ,
 i just show you the male and female poses .. 
had no sexy guy to pose with for the couple pictures giggles 
 then i wear from 7 deadly skins the hunt gift which is in a light tone with lovely make up and prim teeth to add or not depends on your mood , just love it ^.^
Available at clavage right now you get this lovely outfit to add up with lolas or not ( that is as you like ) from Jelly called Gotcha .. really sexy and shows a lot of your backside giggles 
hm what else oowww i bought the new barefeet from Ncore with the add on flipp flops 
and i really love them so much detail and easy fix to match your skin ^.^
hmm otherwise did also the spring fling hunt 
and thought to show you some gifts you get, 
like a ring , a necklace, a braclet .. all hidden in eggs around .. all you need is find them .. happy hunting ..
ok .. credits and pics below huggies 
Spring Fling - Zinnias feat Jelly (Going Bust)
Spring Fling - Zinnias feat Jelly (Going Bust)
Skin: [7DS] Group Gift April with teeth prim -Spring Fling Hunt item
Hair: [ iren ] Sanya_DARKS
Earrings: {EPIC} Drop Earrings - Spring Fling
Necklace: *Anymore Happy Easter Necklace - Spring Fling Hunt item
Outfit: ::JELLY:: Gotcha (Going Bust) ( available to wear with Lolas) @Cleavage
Braclet: PP- Red Rose Bracelet* - Spring Fling Hunt Item
Ring: ..:sexZ:..-Swallow Rings - Spring Fling Hunt Item
Feet: N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops (Mesh) NEW

Daybed: Zinnias Springtime in Oaxaca Daybed @ Spring Fling 
Picture taken at the Spring Fling Event Sim