Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tableau Vivant - Snow Queen feat Coquet Shiver Formal Gown

heyas me again last post for today or not ? who knows giggles 
so presenting you now  from Glam affair  the lovely skin called gemma 05
really i just love that skin line its amazing 
also from Glam affair the shironuri mask 05 which is avalable at the seraphim Social 
just love the mask its amazing and looks really japanese like 
also from glam affair are the shironuri lashes 
i choose them in blue and i really love them what do you think 
to make the look perfect i also took the hair from Tableau Vivant
its called Snow queen and i chose the color package equinox 
really its awesome the hair also the flower attachment 
you have some great colors like white, pink, red and some more even 
really worth getting these i promise you wont be upset 
what else can i tell you 
perhaps something about the dress its from Coquet and called Snow Queen
its a formal gown and really i just love the dress 
so lovely from both sides front and back view just a wow 
its amazing and really worth a queen of the snow 
the jewelery i choose is an older one from zuri called fallin Snow jewelery set
and stil matches perfectly 
the heels are from Gos called paris peeptoe in the color metallic 
included in this set are 3 different colors and one is silver 
and as you see it matches perfectly with the rest of the look 
and last put not least great are the poses from manifeste i use for this picture 
hope you enjoy it huggies 
piccies and credits right under this 
Tableau Vivant - Snow Queen  feat Coquet Shiver Formal Gown
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Snow Queen - Equinox
Skin: -Glam Affair - Gemma 05
Make-up:-Glam Affair - Shironuri mask 05 @ The Seraphim Social
Lashes: -Glam Affair - Shironuri Lashes 1 - blue
@ The Seraphim Social 
Dress: Coquet. Shiver - Snow Queen Formal Gown @ The Seraphim Social 
Jewelery: Zuri's Falling Snow Jewelery Set
Heels: [Gos] Boutique - Paris Peeptoe - Metallics
Pose: manifeste

Eyelure Sweatsuit White/Purple Reindeer feat Mega Lash

presenting you know another lovely outfit from eyelure 
this time its a sweatsuit in the color white/purple reindeer
and really its cuter and cozy at once hmm just love this look 
the hair i wear is from tameless hair and called  precilla
i choose the white color to match the general look
 but you have many other colors to choose for 
the skin i wear is the gemma skin number 05 which is availabale at the arcade 
just love the glam affair skins they are amazing , great make ups and soo soft 
also from eyelure i wear these lovely big eyelashes callled mega lash 
really they are mega as the name says it ^.^
ow what else i went to a store called 2real shoes
 and found those lovely sneakers called pure 1.3
and they are amazing color change texture change all your needs will be fullfilled 
hm what else pose is from flowey called in the flash 
and thats it huggies piccies and credits right under this 
and tankies to brookieee rookiee erookiee for the lm to the place here 
just i forgot which lm it was sighs 
soo sorry when i find it ill add it up muacckkksss
Eyelure Sweatsuit White/Purple Reindeer feat Mega Lash
Hair: Tameless Hair Precilla - Mega Pack
Skin: -Glam Affair - Gemma 05
Lashes: Eyelure MEGA Lash
Outfit: Eyelure Sweatsuit  White/PurpleReindeer
Sneakers: PURE 1.3 - 2Real Shoes
Pose: flowey. in the flash

7 Deadly Skins - Judas feat AMD

heyas me again 
so showing you know from 7 deadly skins a whole new avatar called Judas
yes its a sexy male shape and skin you get
actually he doesnt look italian but i made him look like that and just love it 
so i wear from 7 deadly skins the shape and the skin from judas, 
the hair is from lelutka called lorella
the necklace i wear is from Crystal line and called love earth unisex 
just love the necklace its lovely 
the shirt and the pants are from Apple may designs 
shirt is called simple unbuttoned  shirt and the pants are called Low rise emo pants 
just love the general look i created with the outfit and the hair really its awesome 
and the shoes are from Epic called Slip-on with webs on it 
so thats it for this 
i juzst love my italian boy look i think im sexy as guy giggles 
so tell me what ya think about it 
perhaps i bring sometimes stuff for males now huggies 
credits and piccies as usually under this muacks
7 Deadly Skins - Judas feat AMD
Shape: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Judas Shape
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Judas skin
Hair: [LeLutka]-LORELLA hair/Naturals
Necklace: ((Crystal Line))"Love Earth"Unisex Necklace
Shirt: Apple May Designs - Simple Unbuttoned Shirt - Black
Pants: Apple May Designs - Low Rise Emo Pants - Stripes
Slippers: {EPIC} Slip-On - Webs

Eyelure Off shoulder knit dress feat Tableau Vivant & MG

i know its been ages since i posted those piccies on flickr 
but as i told ya in the post before i wasnt really feeling well 
but im almost all fine again i think 
a part of having fever here and there and stil feeling ill buts ok 
ill try my best to keep up with my posts again 
so starting with this lovely dress i got from eyelure called off shoulder knit dress
its so cute really it is i just love this dress
and also the hair i love its from tableau vivant called cho xmas rare
really so cute and the antlers i just love it 
the necklace i wear is from maxi gossamer and called truth owl in orange 
even if on the picture it looks little red i think 
hmm what else the socks i wear are from marketplace
Y& R woolen socks  they are called and they are almost free smiles 
the boots i wear are from league and called winter wegdes in purple 
i just love those boots they are awesome 
ow and i alost forgot the skin is from glam affair called gemma 04
 and really i just loooveee it 
and best the cho hair, the MG necklace and the glam affair gemma skin 
you can get at the arcade  ^.^
hm what elkse thats it huggies 
piccies and credits as usually right under this muacks 
Eyelure Off shoulder knit dress  feat Tableau Vivant & MG
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Cho Hair - Xmas RARE @ The Arcade
Skin: -Glam Affair - Gemma 04
@ The Arcade 
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Truth Owl - Orange@ The Arcade 
Dress: Eyelure Off Shoulder Knit Dress   NavyBlue & LtGray
Socks: .::Y&R::.woolen socks group gift
Boots: *League* Winter Wedge Boots -Purples

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Ticket - Preview

heyas everyone
wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS
i was really ill the last days then came the festive days and so i had no time to post anything 
i really apologise for this 
but im ok now and i think i can blog again at least i try 
so presenting you a biig preview of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Ticket
ow yes so when it starts you might ask 
ok so it starts the 1st Feburary 2014 until the 28th February
so 28 days full off new gachas to enjoy 
and of course
a lot of great designers as usual 
want to know more 
you have to wait a bit more till i can tell more 
but I will keep you updated 
one is sure it will be awesome 

Sweetali Star 
Fantasy Gacha Carnival Ticket Preview

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Living Imagination - Wonderland

hey me again 
someone just told me " This Girl is on fireee" 
hahaha because i just do so many blog adds today 
im just in the mood so i better keep it going 
so now its winter wonderland time 
really i felt like being in a dream 
a white christmas dream  
and i just was wearing this lovely dress from Living Imagination 
and its called Wonderland 
really its an amazing dress with a lace upper with lovely cuffs 
then you have the lovely collar with the turquoise flower on it 
and this lovely half long dress with the  cute waist belt 
and some kinky tights
really its an amazing dress big thankies to Bodza for this one huggies 
what else can i tell you 
i wear the skin from glam affair called gemma 10 
which is one of the rare make ups with amazing blue lips and eyemake up 
i just love this 
the hair iw ear is from truth and was sended out as group gift via the subscribe-o-matic
really its lovely and you have some color options to choose 
to match this look i choose the turquoise color and its great smiles
the heels i wear are from ncore called coquette in the color black
 and pose is from manifeste clean up 2013 
and took the picture at the lovely Winter ice Rock festival 2013
really its an amazing location lot of options you can wear ski there or just have fun with something else
have a look around its romantic its chill its christmas feeling 
and winter wonderland of coursee hmm 
thats it piccies and credits right under thiiis 
Living Imagination - Wonderland
Skin: -Glam Affair - Gemma 10 @ The Arcade
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Group Gift 30 Nov 2013
Dress: *Living Imagination* Wonderland
Heels: N-core COQUETTE "Black" BOXED
Poses: Manifeste Clean up 2013
Picture taken at : Winter ice Rock festival 2013

Eyelure MixMatch

heyas me again hehe 
3rd post in a row 
does this look like im in blogging mood ? giggles 
i think so so next post is an eyelure mix match post
got nice tops and tshirts to show you so had to do a bigger post
also from eyelure are some nice lipstick colors 
so the Top is called Tubetop pack in 2 colors which are red and beige and best
you can add up your lolas with them 
or not that depends just on you
the tshirts i show you are called Mesh soft tees and i show you them in 3 different colors
so you have the love tee, the one with an owl , one with a pinguin and a plain black one 
just love those really awesome ones 
to combine with the eyelure top and tees 
i was wearing from FC designs the rock me outfit skirt
just lovely skirt isnt it 
also from eyelure i wear the 3 different lipstick colors 
arent they lovely? i just love those couldnt decide which one i prefer most actually 
i like em just all 3 as they are
the hair i wear is from Clawtooth its a gacha from the arcade 
and called Closer was prize 11 so valentine color which is a nice red
also from The arcade is the skin i wear , lovely glam affair skin called gemma in the tone 01
wearing the moles with in this post  just awesome as skin 
what else to tell you the heels are from ncore and poses from manifeste 
thats it piccies and credits as usually right under thiiis 

Eyelure MixMatch
Eyelure MixMatch
Eyelure MixMatch
Skin: -Glam Affair - Gemma 01 @ The Arcade
Hair: Clawtooth: Closer prize 11 @ The Arcade
Lipsticks: Eyelure Perfect Tint Lipstain 3
Top: Eyelure TubeTop Pack of 2 /w/Lolas Appliers
Tshirt: Eyelure Mesh Soft Tee
Skirt: Rock Me Outfit - Skirt @ FC designs
Pumps: N-core COQUETTE "Black"
Pose: Manifeste clean up 2013

Senzafine Astrid Cropped Peasant top & Tigist Maxi Skirt

heyas me again told you im in blogging mood so i keep it coming till im tired giggles
so now showing you an awesome outfit from senzafine
really big thank you to synny for this lovely Top and skirt i got there
so the skirt is called Tigist maxi skirt and exists in 8 colors
yes thats right 8 different and amazing colors 
the same is also for the Astrid cropped peasant top which is also from senzafine
but you musnt combine both together you can also wear the skirt with another upper 
and the top with pants or another skirt all depends on you . 
I really love always how she calls her colors like Midnight sapphire or peacock dreams 
just great i think and makes it even more special in my eyes
with the outfit i wear from tameless hair the hair called April in the color black 
and you can choose the color settings of the flowers in your hair 
and its not a small menu of colors you really have a choice between textures and colors 
what else to tell you the skin is from Glam affair just love those skins 
The jewelery i wear is from **feel** and called RoyalCross necklace set 
which is amazing and so beautiful 
the shoes are from ncore and called coquette in the color black and the pose is from manifeste clean up 2013 this time i remembered which one it was 
so it was 12-2013 easier to find like this 
ow then i went for the picture on a sim called The realm of Mystara
really its an awesome sim so nice spots there 
its a moderate sim and you can choose between different characters 
like elves, vampires, lycan, human , .... 
its a roleplay sim of course but you have to check it out so much explications
 and you have some helpers to get you into the world of mystara
ok thats it 
piccies and credits right under this 

Senzafine Astrid Cropped Peasant top & Tigist Maxi Skirt
Senzafine Astrid Cropped Peasant top & Tigist Maxi Skirt
Hair: Tameless Hair April - Mega Pack
Skin: -Glam Affair - Elvi - America - 05
jewelery: **Feel**RoyalCrossNecklaceSet
Top: .:SF:. "Astrid" Cropped Peasant Top
Skirt: .:SF:. "Tigist" Maxi Skirt
Pumps: N-core COQUETTE "Black"
Pose:  manifeste 12 -2013
Picture taken at : The realm of mystara


heyas out there
i know its been a while since i blogged 
and last time i did iw asnt in blogging mood 
its all fine again and im up in full blogging mood again with some posts to show you 
some had to wait a bit and some where done just today 
so lets see how far i will come today 
so starting with ROSAL 
just love the stuff from Rosal and i want to say a big thank you for Tsarina Mint to be Blogger for her
she just sended me this lovely set called Tueur2 and couldnt resist showing it to you 
i combined it together with hair from lelutka and the suit is from graves 
so what can i tell you about the Tueur2 set
so we have lovely ballet boots which are mutifunctional color change 
means every single part on those boots can be changed 
also you can hide the strings and many more
same is for the platform boots they look more mistress like tho i think 
but thats my opinion 
then we have the corsett for the waist and for the neck 
both amazing work so many choices to wear , you have hide options , color change full, 
different parts and and and  just so wow and same is also for the Gloves
what not to forget is the best you have a normal wait corset version and a tight version 
so even more sexy and slim waist depends on you  
really nothing to complain 
its an awesome set easy to use with menu to change the colors with shortcuts
all just for your special needs
the skin i wear is from Glam affair called elvi, hair is from lelutka as i told you called Gwyn
in the color pitch , the lolas were skin matched with appliers same as for the suit 
and the suis is from graves called G403 Wildcat 
what else to tell you 
the pose i choose is from manifeste its from the clean up 2013 
really awesome set just love it 
huggies credits and piccies right under this


Hair: [LeLutka]-GWYN hair/Dark Grayscale
Skin: -Glam Affair - Elvi - America - 08
lolas: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Updated 

Gloves: [ROSAL] TUEUR2 Gloves - Fatpack
Neck corset: [ROSAL] TUEUR2 Neck Corset - Fatpack
waist corset: [ROSAL] TUEUR2 Waist Corset - Fatpack
                        Boots: [ROSAL] TUEUR2 Thigh Platform Boots - Fatpack & 
                                                                       [ROSAL] TUEUR2 Thigh Ballet Boots - Fatpack
                                                                    Catsuit: G403 Wildcat
                                                                   Poses: manifeste clean up 2013