Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eyelure feat Tameless Hair - Happy Halloween

heyas and again me 
last post for today yes it really is the last one 
One More TIME 
yes yes 
we had fun at home already some silly ones that werent able to ring at the font door 
just shot us egs on the window 
ok cool for them but noone came anymore to ring after those idiots 
as noone wanted to be said to have done this hahaha 
ok thats enough of rl 
we are in sl and my last post is from eyelure and tameless hair 
showing you from Eyelure this lovely Upper called BunnyGhost loose tank
in grey just love it with a bunny on it as the name says it 
a halloween ghost bunny giggles
also from eyelure is this  tulip skirt in grey too 
wanted to make this look a bit halloween like and thought it looks more cruel 
tho the skirt also exists in the color pink and stil as awesome as the grey one
and one more from Eyelure are those crazy  Kicks tennies in the color Candy Corn 
they are soo orange was just like OMG wooow 
really love those
The hair i wear is from tameless Hair and called Dahlia 
this time i choose the color fantasy to make them a brilliant orange color 
just love them and big thanks to Nita for this hair ( it exists also in red, green , pink ,...) 
but also in normal colors smiles
the skin is from glam affair and called neva  in the color artic 03
and the pose is from Marukin clled gaze eveerything gets better with time
lovely pose and really cheap 
thankies for reading 
ow and btw im off from friday 1 st November till sunday 3 November
but after that im back again wohooo 
short trip holiday
piccies and credits as usually
under this
Eyelure feat Tmeless Hair - Happy Halloween
Skin: -Glam Affair - Neva - Artic - 03 @ Collabor 88
Hair: Tameless Hair Dahlia - Fantasy
Shirt: Eyelure BunnyGhost Loose Tank
Skirt: Eyelure Tulip Skirt - Grey
Tennies: Eyelure Kicks Tennies - CandyCorn

Pose: (marukin) [gaze] everything gets better with time
@ Collabor 88

Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 16 - Final Post

heyas so i know its halloween and there will follow one more halloween post
but before i wanted to give a tribute to those designers i unfortunately couldnt blog 
as i had no time anymore to do so 
they all had fantastic stuff
and all are worth to be bought 
so here the last gachas for the fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween
ow just to be said those are the vendor picture of the different designers 
i stil hope you like what you see and you stil buy the last possible day at the 
Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween 
so here are the different Gachas :
at Geek you really got lovely gachas , some super sexy Hermit shirts with working belt 
they just look awesome dont ya think so? 
You also get those suuper cute Punties in different colors
and best they talk with ya when you speak to them and answer back 
so sweet and they look so adorable 
and also from Geek you get those Recycled Hoodies in different colors  of course 
tho black and i would say a light gray color 
just love them and a pitty i dint get to blog those 
big thankies to the designer tho for this lovely gachas
22769 Bauwerk
From Bauwerk as you can see on the piccies you got as rare gift a lovely working place just great work  and love it but unfortunately dint get to blog them anymore 
also the common gachas look awesome 
thanks to the designer for this one
 22769 Casual Couture
Form 22769 Casual Couture you got this lovely  Helice dress which looks like a dress full of leaves i love this one its sexy and has some style and the colors look great 
thankies for this
 Deluxe Body Factory
From Deluxe Body Factory i also got this lovely dress called Sigrid leather Patchwork dress
in mesh really lovely patchwork dress and the color is amazing 
stil the uni-color ones arent bad at all too 
thankies for this
Apricot Paws
From Apricot Paws i got those lovely pointy Paws in different colors
just lovely and really nothing to say against them 
they are amazing for furry avatars too 
From Ascent i got those awesome Armored Gloves in the rare colors 
just great details and different textures
you want to know more
hurry to the fantsy gacha Carnival Halloween and get those before its over
thankies to the designer for this one
 La petite morte
From La petite morte i got those lovely eye sets and this sexy skin 
eyes are calledIntensity and really love the eye colors so wicked 
and the skin is just wow and so different 
called Quinn i would have presented you the rare ones
but i think all are worth to get em 
 Rack Poses
From Rack Poses you got this time those tied for you poses and the wall poses
both lovely pose packs and really for your gorean or slave needs
really wow thankies
Eleventh Hour
From Eleventh Hour i got this rare Night Cristal Ball  really its lovely 
and also all the rest of this set is amazing 
and shows so much detail but really im so sorry i dint get the time to show this one 
thankies to the designer

Dragg'in Draggons by Decadent Courtesan 
just lovely dragons you can hang on 
so cool ones and great in look 
unfortunately i cant show you a picture of thise one as i dont have any 
thanks to the designer tho
i love those dragons 

Ferocious - BDSM-Gor Jewelry
got lovely Jewelery from Ferocious but unfortunately
im not allowed to copy those pic 
so you have to get to the Fantasy gacha Carnival and have a peek at those lovely Jewelerys
thank you

The Stringer Mausoleum - Eyes
From The Stringer Muaosleum i got also lovely eyes for biggies and for petites
if you want to know more check out at the fantasy gacha carnival halloween

From Phototonic i got lovely couple Poses called etheral dreams
as well as hanging tree poses
unfortunately cant show you the piccies 
but if you want to know more just check out at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival halloween
thank you 

so thats it 
the last post for this gacha rounds
hope you liked my work 
i had fun
and thank you for reading my posts 

Sweetali Star

Living Imagination - Halloween Glow feat Monso

heyas again me hahaha 
ok so we have the 31 today and stil its some time till the dark creatures are coming out 
so for now i show you my favourite Halloween look 
and its from Living Imagination
really such a biig thank you to Bodza for this lovely outfit
so many details so lovely 
but first of all the name , its called Halloween Glow and all new out at the store 
and only in that style so you have some great skulls on the skirt 
like a belt with small glow strings on it 
then you have an amazing flowing skirt with spider webs on it 
actually even the corset and the upper part of the dress are spider webs
 and its really amazing
on the head you wear a skull too 
with arms made of wood and stil some more spider webs on it 
and included is also a lovely face tattoo with spider webs 
cant say more then wow wow wow 
so i combined with this look the hair from Monso 
just love this hairstyle and thought i just look amazing like this 
its called Khaleesi and choose the regular pack then you have more color choices
i wear the black haircolor and love the curls and the details 
the skin i wear is from Glam affair and called Eva in the color tan 
used number 12 out of this package just love the skin and the look 
and the boots again from bax coen 
tho i could have used almost everything under this dress i choose boots
 to make it look more dramatic 
ok thats it 
piccies and credits right under this 
Living Imagination - Halloween Glow feat Monso
skin: -Glam Affair- Eva- Tan - 12
hair: [monso] My Hair - Khaleesi/ Regular Pack 2
Outfit: *Living Imagination* Halloween Glow
boots: BAX Regency Boots Black Leather

Abiss - Craddle chair feat AMD, Monso & Bax Coen

today i will do some small posts 
first of all showing you an all new release from Monso and from Abiss
so from Monso you will find this lovely new hairstyle called Khaleesi 
which i really love because of the curls and its natural look 
then i show you from abiss a lovely craddle chair with 6 different poses 
really awesome one and great textures  nothing more to say then you have to get this oneeee
The skin i wear is from Glam affair and called Katya 
just love the skins from glam they are amazing and soo soft colors
then i show you from Apple May Designs the shirt called City Work Mesh in the color grey
with a cute double heart design just love it 
also from Apple May are those sexy City work shorts 
really sexy ones dont you think so 
and what else hmm i wear from Maxi Gossamer the pearls combo set 
really love this one and from Bax Coen  i show you lovely new Boots
called regency Boots in the color black but you also even get halloween versions 
and other great colors
ok thats it next post in a few piccies and credits right under this huggies
Abiss - Craddle chair feat AMD, Monso & Bax Coen
Abiss - Craddle chair feat AMD, Monso & Bax Coen
Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 01 
Hair: [monso] My Hair - Khaleesi/ Regular Pack 2 
Necklace: MG - NECKLACE - Pearls - Combo Set 
Shirt: Apple May Designs - City Work Mesh Sweat Shirt - Gray 
Shorts: Apple May Designs - City Work Shorts - Horror 
Boots: BAX Regency Boots Black Leather 
Chair: Craddle Chair by Abiss

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 15 - Tiar & Roawenwood & Apricot Paws & DC feat DBF

one more post about the fantasy gacha i know i know its over tomorrow but 
i just felt like showing you this one more 
so showing you from Tiar something , from Roawenwood
something nice from Apricot paws, from Decadent Courtesan 
and from Deluxe Body Factory
wow thats really a lot i know so you will have to hurry to finally get all those lovely gachas 
an this before the event ends 
so from Tiar i wear this round a lovely mesh Mask 
always in black but with a different name on it like demon or angel 
or something more special even just check it out
from Roawenwood i show you those lovely corsets
all the rare ones of course in different colors and thats those i present you in this post 
From apricot paws i show you belted armbands in different colors 
i dint use the rare ones for this one but the common colors 
stil just love them and hope you do too
From decadent Courtesan i show you this lovely fairy robot 
called tesla Faery which is really special 
you can wear it on your back and the robot moves
and actually its cool as you have some options for the colors
really great 
and from deluxe Body factory i got this lovely meadow elf skin
just lovely color and sexy and cant say more you have to get this one 
what else the hair i use is from dDx and thats it actually 
huggies credits and pics right under this
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 15 - Tiar & Roawenwood & Apricot Paws & DC feat DBF
Skin: [DBF] Meadow elf skin #4 RARE
Hair: -dDx- Mackenzie - Browns
Mask: Tiar mesh masks Last
Armbands: Apricot Paws: FGC: Belted Armbands
Corsett: .{5&20}. Huntress Rigged Mesh Corset
Fairy: Tesla Faery

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:

The different gachas you can get from Tiar and from Roawenwood 
from  Apricot Paws , from DC and from DBF:

No vendor Pic of the tesla Faery


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 14 - !Cellar Door & Luas & Decadent Courtesan feat Tiar

Heyas yes i know what a big title you may say
and it is of yourse i just tried to mix and match as most brands together 
and that only to show you all off it as the 31 all is over
so showing you stuff from !Cella door , from Luas
from decadent Courtesan and from tiar 
wow just all different things and all really amazing 
so lets start with !cellar door where i present you 
this lovely Hood in the rare verion with cute ears
really love this one so cute and so many colors to choose for
really great the common ones arent that cute tho stil lovely with different color 
but no ears but really good mesh hoods that you really have to buy
and of course its a gacha so you really want it  and its uniseex ^.^
thankies for this lovely hood 
then from luas i present you  The allegra harness with matching nipple piercings 
but on the pics you cant see them as the Hood hides the piercings 
tho love the colors i just show you the rare colors and stil i love them
and the common colors are great too ^^ 
then from Decadent Courtesan i present you this lovely collar set 
which is also available for petites 
2 different colors with many options and for petites really its amazing 
 and last but not least Tiar which has done so many decorations this year 
starting with the mesh alter which i show you fully in my pics lovely animations 
and great look and all with a simple menu 
then we have the mesh graveyard which has a nice menu with adult animations yes 
some more nasty then others  hihih  just check it out and you will see more 
then i present you the jail mesh with a single menu with really nice poses inside 
as well as an adult menu  ^^ yes yes not to be shy to use it 
and the Pumpkin work garden where you have a simple menu to digg the garden and do some work or the adult menu where you do more then just sit on the pumpkins smiles
really love the animations and the menu its great work 
and always amazing detail in the different decorations 
really you have to see them to know them and to use em to be as much happy as i am 
ok thats it for now piccies and credits right under this 
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 14 - !Cellar Door & Luas & Decadent Courtesan feat Tiar
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 14 - !Cellar Door & Luas & Decadent Courtesan feat Tiar
Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 01
Hair: !lamb. Mon Cheri - Bimbo Blondes
Hood: ! Cellar Door Rare The Witches Familiar Hood
Collar: Decadent Courtesan Legacy Collars
Harness: Luas Allegra Rares

Tiar o2jm1Mesh graveyard sex
Tiar pumkin work garden w sex menu
Tiar Jail mesh sex/singel
Tiar mesh alter

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:
The different gachas you can get from  !Cellar Door and from Luas, 
from Decadent Courtesan and from  Tiar :

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Living imagination - Sophisticate Moments feat truth

heyas again me
presenting you now a lovely dress from Living Imagination 
called Sophisticate Moments in the colors dream and 
Midnight touch  both versions are really lovely but i actually prefer the dream version 
why just because of the color 
the style and design is all the same and just wow in work 
fluent textures great dresses and amazing details  
nothing to say against this 
big thankies to Bodza for this lovely dress
the hair i wear matching with the look is from Truth hair called Faye 
in the color light brown
the skin i wear is from Glam affair called neva skin in the color europa
the earring i wear a little hidden are from Paper moon 
called thai flame earrings in the color blue silk     
 and the necklace is from feel called Blue grotto necklace 
its an awesome necklace and just love it 
ok thats it not much to say a part then 
you have to check out the store of living imagination
giggles and get this lovely dress 
piccies and credits as usually under this 
Living imagination - Sophisticate Moments feat truth
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Faye -  light browns
Skin: -Glam Affair - Neva skin - Europa 03
Necklace: **Feel**BlueGrottoNecklace
Earrings: *pm* Thai Flame Earrings - Blue Silk
Dress: *Living Imagination* - Sophisticate Moments - Dream & Midnight Touch


so now i present you something really amazing i got from tsarina Mint
really big thankies to her for this lovely set i got 
so presenting you from Tsarina Mint the store ROSAL 
you might know it or not but now you will know it 
she has awesome sets of corsets,mesh boots,neck corsets and gloves 
and bets of this they are all individually color change in every single part you see
what does that mean 
so you have the choice in coloring just all in one color as i show you 
or just change different parts like the obi the heel etc 
just amazing work and so much detail 
then you have the corset in  a normal version  and a tight version 
so you have an all sexy small waist size 
and the boots you have the choice of ballet boots  and platform boots 
you can operate them via a hud or just with typing a code in general chat 
really i just love this set its amazing work so much detail and fits perfectly 
ow and you can buy everything seperately or in a combined set
i wear on the piccies also hair from iren called kiss me brown
 thankies iris for this lovely hair
from al vulo the skin ramona in the color peacock  sunkissed
from catch it the Ultima catsuit in black  which i really enjoy a
nd also wearing with it the lolas tango
 with the matching applier you get at the catch it mainstore 
and of course all the lovely parts from rosal the  ballet boots , the corset in normal version 
the gloves and the neck corset to make this an awesome and memorable look 
Failbi also show you a version of this look 
she wears  hair from Exxess  called aria in the color black 
the skin is from al vulo called Cecilia in the color glitter moccacino
 which is the actual group gift at at vulo 
then she wear the catsuit ultima in white also from Catch it 
together with the applier and the lolas tangos 
and some jewelery from Miladys  called lace with onyx braclets
and of course from Rosal 
the neck corset, the gloves, the tight waist corset and the Tigh Platform boots 
we both use the poses from zeb and sly s132 and picture was taken at our private home 
so sorry guys no lm for our home smiles 
tats it piccies and credits right under this 
skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Ramona ] - [Peacock Sunkissed TDR ]
hair: [ iren ] Kiss me_brown
Neck corsett: [ROSAL] UNMEI Neck Corset - Multi
Gloves: [ROSAL] UNMEI Gloves - Multi
Waist Corsett: [ROSAL] UNMEI Waist Corset - Multi
Thigh Ballet Boots : [ROSAL] UNMEI Thigh Ballet Boots - Multi
Catsuit: [CI] Ultima black
Boobies: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

Failbi wears:
Hair: ExxEss - Aria black
Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Cecilia ] - [ -Glitter moccacino ] group gift
Neck corsett: [ROSAL] UNMEI Neck Corset - Multi
Gloves: [ROSAL] UNMEI Gloves - Multi
Waist Corsett: [ROSAL] UNMEI Waist Corset - Multi
Thigh Platform Boots: [ROSAL] UNMEI Thigh Platform Boots - Multi
 Catsuit: [CI] Ultima White
                                                             Boobies: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
                                                            Jewelery:: Milady´s Ignify - Lace with Onyx Braclets

                                                                         Location : Private home
                                                                                 Poses: z&s s132

Vendor piccies from [Rosal] Unmei:

Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 13 - [Haste] & Okami

today i present you some more stuff from the fantasy gacha halloween 
this time its from haste and from okami 
so what do i show you starting with haste i show you some rares
and some ultrarares giggles
and its one time a rope harness which is amazingly 
and for ultra rare we have a chest harness 
but im not only showing you them in the rare colors but just in all colors 
so a lot of choices to choose from 
what else so from okami i show you the slave bed called fenrirs in the color snow 
but there are also 2 morte colors which are aswell as amazing as this one 
and you have a lot of poses inside 
some for you alone 
some for 2 people and some for 3 even 
so nothing to say on this lovely bed and all this you can get as gachas 
so to complete my outfits i wear from tameless hair the Monica hair
 in black which i really enjoy and its so sexy and matched great with this look 
big thankies to nita for this hair 
then from al vulo i wear the ramona skin in the color peacock sunkissed 
which was an old tdr pack  
and i wear some sexy boots from neurolab which i really enjoy
 cause of those amazing loong heels calle dultimate Hi - boots 
in the color black but there are others with also amazing heels and great looks 
so hurry to the fantasy gacha halloween to stil get your favourite gachas 
you stil have time till the 31 then all its gone 
until the next gacha round starts smiles 
Piccies and credits as always right under this
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 13 -  [Haste] & <Okami>
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 13 -  [Haste] & <Okami>
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 13 -  [Haste] & <Okami>
Hair: Tameless Hair Monica - Mega Pack
skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Ramona ] - [Peacock Sunkissed TDR ]
Harness: [Haste] Chest Harness - Black & Brown Ultra Rare
              [Haste] Rope Harness
Boots: [NeurolaB Inc.] Ultimate Hi-Boots Black (BOXED)

Slave bed: <Okami> Fenrir's Slavebed (Snow)

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:
The different gachas you can get from [Haste] and from <Okami>: