Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fantasy gacha Carnival 01- Tiar

heyas today i present you one of several outfits
 from the fantasy Gacha Carnival which will open the 31 July ^.^
the outfit i present you is the RARE Gacha from Tiar for women called Gatcha Bond black
and the Gatcha Bond Rare Hud which includes 6 different colors
in this set you get  a collar, nipple piercings, belt, anklets and braclets.
really its sexy for a Bond just love the short upper part 
and best its all mesh the outfit, 
so you have different sizes for the upper part and the skirt to match your body
hm what else thats the female part of course i´ll try to show the male part too  smiles 
the hair is from lelutka and available till today at the Hair Fair ( ends 28th july ) 
the skin is from glam affair and called Layla tan 
and its only 100 l$ right now at the Mainstore 
just check it out perhaps you can find something there you would want  ^.^
The feet are from n-core and exist also with flip flops 
the pose is from manifeste 
thats it 
piccies and credits right under this

Fantasy gacha Carnival 01 - Tiar

Fantasy gacha Carnival 01 - Tiar

Fantasy gacha Carnival 01 - Tiar
Skin: -Glam Affair- Layla Tan skin 12
Hair: [LeLutka]-LORELLA hair/Naturals
Gacha: tiar gatcha bond black & Rare Hud one @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival (opens July 31)
Feet: N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops (Mesh)
Pose: Manifeste

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Eyelure Summer Dress Grape & Blueberry Aztec

Heyas and again me hahaha 
i present you now from eyelure again something new 
some sexy dresses
yep thats it dresses and they are so lovely
called summer dress i present you them in the colors grape  
and in the color Blueberry Aztec 
lovely in detail and full mesh 
hm the jewelery is from feel thankies atuko-chan for this lovely set
you can change the gem colors and the metal colors easily just by clicking the jewels
ow and they are called alexandrite sounds lovely dont you think so ?
what else hmm old skin from al vulo which was available like 3 or 4 rounds ago at the dressing room but now theres an all lovely fair tone one ^^ just check it out 
oww the hair 
its from red mint and called No 13'13 in the color brown 
really love this one and you have a boobie version and a non boobie version wohooo 
hm what else the heels from energie stil just love those you can add spikes on the heels, aswell as stockings and tattoos on the feet
all easy with 2 different huds 
hihih thats it for now 
pose is from manifeste 
huggies credits and pics right under this
Eyelure Summer Dress  Grape & Blueberry Aztec
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Aisha ] - [ Lil Olive TDR ]
Hair: (r)M Hair No.13'13 ( B r o w n s )
Jewelery: **Feel**AlexandriteFlower
Dress: Eyelure Summer Dress  Grape & Blueberry Aztec
Heels: ..::Energie::.. Flirt Stietto Black Bag
Pose: Manifeste

{EPIC}Monokini - Set Feat Vooza

heyas me again 
so now will present you whole new stuff from Epicosity
called Monokini and it exists in 3 packs 
yes 3 packs full of textures you can add up to your bikini 
so i just show you a mix of the three packages in apicture otherwise would have had to blog like 30 different styles and really that was a lot 
so just showing you what you can change on the monokini you have the option to change the upper part, the bottom part, the strap and the trim 
every set comes with a different hud and different textures
 so what you want more then this awesome monokini set from Epic 
biig thankies for this one 
the glasses i wear are from Vooza really lovely ones and also here you have a hud to change them to your needs, change the framce the decor and the lense easy huh 
the hair i show you is from lelutka and available at the hair fair till tomorrow called Alvina
really lovely hairstyle  cant say more then wow 
and the feet are from n-core and poses from Morgane
big huggies piccie and credits right under this
{EPIC}Monokini - Set Feat Vooza
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Ylenia ] - [ Regal Bisquit TDR ]
hair: [LeLutka]-ALVINA hair/Naturals
Glasses: VooZa - Aviator Glasses
Monokini: {EPIC}Monokini - Set
Feet: N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops (Mesh)
Pose: Morgane´s runway -swimsuit edition

Eyelure Mix feat Wasabi pills

heyas people out there 
today i show you this lovely outfits from eyelure 
had to mix and match a bit as i had a loot to blog of them 
so showing you several uppers with cool neon pants
so just start
The first uppers i show you is apack of three different ones called Knotted tee
existing in the colors purple , blue and pink
really lovely ones and cute at once 
the pants i show you are called neon skinnies and come together with a hud 
they exist in green, yellow pink and purple  which are amazing colors actually and fun
then you have on the second picture the upper called Shoulder tee in white and exists also in other styles but more to come soon for sure 
with the neon pants in green of course 
and then hahaha 
you have an all other combination the eyelure denim skinnies with a mini crop top in dotted blue color which are lovely sexy and hot 
ok ok i know thats kinda difficult but all the rest isnt 
we have jewelery from **Feel** which are really lovely 
called alexandrite flower you get a piercing, earrings, necklace, braclets and anklets
really hug package big thankies to atuko-san for this lovely package 
the hair is from Wasabi Pills and available till tomorrow at the hair fair
yep till tomorrow then its the 28 and last day of it smiles
the eyelashes are amazing too really just love those from eyelure called lash baby
 really soft and sexy 
hmm what else ow yes the heels they are from energie big thankies to allegra for those lovely heels 
they have so many options tattoo layer, stockings all in one heel really great work and easy to fit 
hm thats it i think 
skin from al vulo old dressing room gift and pose from manifeste 
(package 01-40)
thats it huggies 
piccies and credits as always just under this

Eyelure Mix feat Wasabi pills

Eyelure Mix feat Wasabi pills
1st Picture:
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kelly Mesh Hair - Browns Pack 
Lashes: Eyelure LashBaby
Shirt: Eyelure  Knotted Tee  - THREE PACK
Jewelery: **Feel**AlexandriteFlower
Pants: Eyelure Neon Skinnies w/ Texture Changing HUD
Heels: ..::Energie::.. Flirt Stietto Black Bag

2nd Picture:
Lashes: Eyelure LashBaby
Shirt: Eyelure Shoulder Tee - White
Pant: Eyelure Neon Skinnies w/ Texture Changing HUD

Shirt with Pants: Eyelure MiniCrop Top and Denim Skinnies    Hot Dots Blue

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Festival coming closer

heya i just wanted to let you know that soon 

the 31 July to be exact the Fantasy Gacha Carnival will open its doors 
ow yes and it will almost last for a month till the 21 August 
which is actually really long to catch all of your favourite gacha items you want 
little sneak preview of which stores you can find at the event for now
 i know that some amazing Gorean stores are set for the Event 
Just listing you some where i think that you really know them
like :
Gspot, Okami, On A Lark, EZ Weaponry, The Forge, Deviance, Sweet Pea,
Junbug, Songfeather, Nevermore, Luas, May's Soul, Bina, Sweet Poison , ... 
and many more
and thats not all right  
if you come to the event dressed in a carnival Costume
 you might be selected to win a random mesh prize 
yep thats it as easy as that
  ok so hope you will be all prepared for this amazing event full of gachas
i really am and cant wait till i can show you the gachas you can win ^^

big huggies for now and more information about the event you can find here :  

Sunday, July 21, 2013

.::Pink Sugah::. Molly - Going Bust feat Energie

Heyas me again for today
bit of blogging today but not as much as last time smiles 
so today i present you this lovely dress which is available
at Cleavage for this GOING Bust round
its from pink Sugah and exists in 3 different colors all really sexy and you can wear them wich the lolas tango or just whitout as you like 
the hair i show you is available right now at the hair fair and from lamb, its called
True Faith and choose the brown color package 
The heels are from energie big thankies to allegra for this package
 of 3 different  Stilletos in red, yellow and black 
Just lovely stilettos and easy to match the skin tone , 
and you can choose tattos for the feet too 
aswell as stockings 
and last but not least the poses is from  Glitterati which you can only find at the marketplace right now and the skin from al Vulo called Ylenia 
which was available at an older dressing room 
thats it for today huggies and kisses
credits and piccies right under this
.::Pink Sugah::. Molly - Going Bust
Hair: !lamb. True Faith (Mesh)
Skin::[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Ylenia ] - [ Regal Bisquit TDR ] 
Boobies: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts (BOXED) 
Dress: .::Pink Sugah::. Molly - Going Bust @ Cleavage
Heels: ..::Energie::.. Flirt Stietto Red, yellow, black bag 
Pose: Glitterati-Boobtacular

.:SF:. Eryssel Elvish Gown

today i present you this lovely gown from Senzafine called Eryssel Elvish Gown
showing you the three colors that exist
in Rivendell, Mirkwood and Grey heavens 
l9ovely texture and great details in them 
and the dress is full mesh and exists in different sizes to match your body
The hair i show you is the new one from lelutka which is available at the hair fair 
its called Lorella and i present you the hair in the natural color package
its awesome hair and just love the flowers you can attach ,
 so sweet and cute as look 
awesome work here
the jewelery is from mandala and called Tefu tefu in the color rainbow,
 lovely set easy matching and great work 
you can change the color of the mainpart of the necklace and really it works perfectly 
The skin is from Al vulo 
just love the one she did for the dressing room really just blogging it all the time 
and the pose is from MaVie
amazing poses great qualitiy and just huggies to Mavie ^.^
ok thats it for this look 
huggies credits and piccies right under this 
.:SF:. Eryssel Elvish Gown
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Ylenia ] - [ Regal Bisquit TDR ]
Hair: [LeLutka]-LORELLA hair/Naturals 
Dress: .:SF:. Eryssel Elvish Gown - Rivendell & Mirkwood & Grey Havens 
Pose: MaVie

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sick Puppy Going Bust feat Liquence & Mandala

ok last post for today i know its huuuge what im doing hahaha
but really its fun and has to be done anyways
so now i present you this sexy dress from Sick Puppy its called
Anna silver and actually you can wear it with the Lolas but i preferred to wear this lovely dress without them, really its cute , sexy, lovely , great dress to go out and have nice evenings
best its out for Going Bust at Cleavage wohooo 
The skin is from al vulo called Ramona and its an old dressing room gift and still amazing
The jewelery is from mandala , really that is awesome jewelery and its called Yakushi, awesome feather styled necklace and sexy and lovely matching earrings
The hair from Liquence, stil only 2 female hairstyles, 1 male hairstyle and tho cant wait to get more of their styles, really great colors and awesome texture for the hair 
what else do you need 
ow i know 
those heels from Gos, really cant say more then wow , thats an awesome style of shoes , easy to match your feet, lovely colors in satin and in leather,
 i show you the satin color of the heels, 
and you have a lovely hud where you have different options
texturize the heel, the sole, straps, platform .. and even the whole heels
you can also color change the nails of the toes .. lovely colors and .. as extra you have a skin matcher, normal one and a skin matcher not so normal with soo many designers you know to match much easier the skin
al vulo, belleza, Illusory, Redgrave,.... and many more
what else do you want for heels ? really they are awesome , stylish, cool
and match all your needs
really thats a master piece of the owners from Gos thanks for those amazing work 
what else .. thats it 
credits and pics just under this huggiees
Sick Puppy feat Liquence & Mandala Credits:
Hair: . Liquence . - F2 in Natural Fades
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Ramona ] - [Peacock Sunkissed TDR ]
Dress: Sick Puppy- Anna Silver- Going Bust @ Cleavage
Jewelery: [MANDALA] YAKUSHI Jewelry set BLACK
Heels: [Gos] Boutique - Eva Slingbacks - Classic Collection

Pose: Manifeste
Picture taken at : HuMaNoiD

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Heyas again me 
haha today is a quick blogging day had 4 pics done in like 8 hours OMG 
i know not normal but was with lot of spaces between each pic and lot of people getting on my nerves while i wanted to get this blog posts done 
so now for you an amazing gown Suzy gave me from Morea Style called Maeve 
in the color perle , just such a lovely gown which really lovely details, headdress, shoulder dress, flowing elements all in all amazing , 
you could even wear it as wedding dress believe me 
the Hair is all new , new store has opened called Liquence, owner is Villena Swansen
and really awesome , right now you get 2 different hairstyles for women and one hairstyle for guys , you have 12 color packages from light blonde, dark blonde, grayscales, blacks, reds, dark brown, light brown, genetics and and and .. really 
a basic package includes 5 color options , a more special one like Ombres or Natural Fades has 8 color options Prices are for the normal packs 230 ls and the bit special ones 270 ls.
The skin is from 7 deadly skins and called Nikki , 
i choose the tanned version which is a lovely skin tone and the make up is all soft, and you have freckles on your body giggles * I love freckles *
The jewelery is from Crystal line * thankies rena-san* and called Precious
its awesome jewelery and also includes a tiara which i couldnt show you right now 
 but believe me its awesome
And the heels are from Gos, a lovely new stylish heel called Eva slingbacks
they exist in several colors too, you get an awesome package of those heels even at Fameshed in 2 lovely colors
 satin blue and satin pink also called the baby collection.
if you want to see those heels more detailed just refer to the next post with sick puppy 
ok thats it for the moment next post in a few pics and credits right under this 
Hair: . Liquence . - F2 in Natural Fades NEW
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Nikki Tanned NEW
Jewelery: ((Crystal Line))Precious Accessory set
Heels: [Gos] Boutique - Eva Slingbacks - Classic Collection NEW

~Sassy!~ Discipline dress @ Cleavage

today went looking at a lovely sim called Humanoid , just saw those door and had to explore them so went into a lovely room where i found a swing  thought hey check those out
so was swinging around and trying poses and then just thought hey 
lets do the pics of the lovely dress from sassy right here
and thats what i did then 
So showing from sassy this lovely dress in the color Plum while swining around 
best on it its availabale with a lola applier so you can add up your boobieees
the hair i choose was from iconic , older model of hair but stil awesome and sexy 
the Skin is from Al vulo stil available at the dressing room but will be gone soon for ure 
the jewelery is from mandala and called Tefutefu just amazing jewelery and great colors 
and the shoes are from *S* called Queen lovely shoes i got not long ago and had to try them 
they are easy to use and have a nice hud to change every single strap on the heels 
what else hmm 
i had fun credits and pics right under this 
~Sassy!~ Discipline dress
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Ylenia ] - [ Provocateur Bisquit TDR ]
Boobies: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Dress: ~Sassy!~ Discipline dress w appliers - plum @ Cleavage
Heels: *S* Q U E E N  Shoes {RiggedMesh}
Picture taken at: HuMaNoiD

Fantasy gacha Carnival Preview

Heyas the Fantasy gacha Carnival will be opening his Doors on the 31 July 
if you do not know this lovely event yet then i will tell you something more about it 
Surely some might even ask what are gachas and what do we get there so all of that you can read right here ^_^
and best this Event is from the 31 July till the 21 August 2013 , so enough time to get your favourite Gacha Item

"Gacha machines exist throughout Japan. 
The trendy contraptions crank out all sorts of interesting toys and figures to whoever drops a few hundred Yen in the slot and turns the crank.
Unlike the quarter or fifty-cent machines loaded with crap like cheap rubber balls, stickers or cheap synthetic jewelery, familiar in supermarkets through the United States and Canada, Japanese Gacha machines are full of very high quality Treasures."
"With our second life Fantasy carnival, we have asked designers to create unique items that have not been sold in their stores.
During the event we will have many free treasures and give away random prizes.
We want to hear from you, if you’re interested in blogging our event, don't hesitate on contacting us."

You can read about the Fantasy Gacha event also here "Fantasy Gacha Event" 
and this Gacha Event is NOT of Earth 
little hint some amazing Gorean stores are in the Event *-*

Fantasy Gacha Carnival