Friday, July 29, 2011

Sneak Preview .....

Hahaha yes so here's a little sneak in of a new release that will be out really soon , but its not released yet.

The sneak Preview is from ..... 





hahaha yees Mashooka , really amazing brand so lovely  clothes and styles , the new release will be a nice romantic looking tunic with a matching dress band. Really lovely colors i saw  of them but can't tell much more   smiles

So here is the Sneak Preview of the :Mashooka: Raga tunic :

Ow and something NEW  too, If you Join Up the Group from Mashooka for 200 l$  you will get this sexy Tunic on this Picture for free so Hurry up to grab your free GroupGift


Skin .::[ Felony ]::. Nyla Skin
Hair: Tukinowaguma Ariana Ebony
Hairbase: Miamai_Hairbase Black
Eyes:.::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes
Eyelashes: [ glow ] Eyelashes - Devilicious 00
Jewelery: :Mashooka: Lakshmi {gold}
Tunic: :Mashooka: Raga tunic {paisley-sky}
Leggings: Not released yet ... by :Mashooka:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lelutka -Breeze Ensemble Gift

Ow yes I'm so excited  Lelutka sended out a Group Gift and it is surely amazing , I was sooo happy to get this one , not often that they send out free stuff and then so gergeous i just love it

So i took on my lelutka Hair called breeze with this amazing hat matching really great to this look, then i choose the Leltuka Bikini SET with the Sarong who where all for free sended out in group .

As Skin I choose from Glam affair the Monica skin from TDR with the make up from Miamai in a natural Tone.

Also matched with htis I choose from league the Zahari jewelery Set with the wanderer jewellery Set as this looks really great with this look  and to finish all i went to my Friends Place , my home actually you see at some pics in the background that nice tiki there near the beach with my view out .

So No more to tell just enjoy here is the Lelutka Summer Breeze Gift :

Skin: -Glam Affair - Monica Tan skin - BL HB TDR 28
Hair: [LeLutka]-BREEZE hair - Sweeden  (Group Gift)
Eyes: .::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes
Eyelashes: **Irresistible Look Eyelashes**-Crissy Designs
Make Up: Miamai_LesMakeups_Monica Lipstick Naturals 04
Necklace, Earrings, Hand Braclet: *League* Zahavi Jewellery Set
Braclet: *League* Wanderer Bracelet -Wrist (6 Strands)
Bikini: [LeLutka]-SET bikini (Group Gift)
Sarong: [LeLutka]-SARONG/warm (Group Gift)

Poses:  TY from Manifeste_01  (Group Gift),
           **Manifeste** - Model_145, **Manifeste** - Model_173
           Naima MultiSitting Shells

Sunny, warm, sexy a great day for pictures

As i Said to myself, it's so nice wheather today, so sunny and warm, so why not to go to the beach and search for ncie spots for doing amazing pictures. So while i was walking around on a friend his sim, i found some nice sports to hang around, take pics, look sexy and be proud of my Mashooka Look.

So On the picture I wear the Reena dress in  the color cayenne, it's a sexy dress  which can be worn differently , you have 2 skirt options , a long one who's front is shorter and a nice short one for playing around and show more of the legs. This one also exists in different colors like tangerine, grape and strawberry and they all look amazing.

To Fullfil this look i choose from Crystal Line the Cherry Accessory Set A , which is an amazing pinkish orange like Set, matching always with the flowers that are included in the necklace, the earrings and even in the braclets.

As hair i choose from one of my favourite brands and it iiiiisssss .....

LELUTKA lol , yes i really love the lelutka hairstyles  this one's called Material and i really really love it
so no more of talking here it comes  and i hope you like it as I do (^.^)

Skin : al vulo - elena* pink 2 claveage sunkissed
Hair : [LeLutka]-MATERIAL hair - StrawberryBlonde
Eyelashes : [ glow ] Devilicious 00
Earrings, necklace, armlet: ((Crystal line))"Cherry" Accessory set A
Dress : :Mashooka: Reena New {cayenne}
Nail : #P067 Resort Cocktail
Shoes : :Mashooka: Reina Slipper & Kada {green}

Poses : Glitterati jewelery 2
            Manifeste  model 216
            Manifeste model 141 sabine

Monday, July 25, 2011

Romantic Dinner .... ?

Ow yes I had a date so was looking around to find the Point where we had said to have this dinner, after walking around and looking onto  some swans and more walking around i finally found the place, so i got ready and was waiting waiting waiting , .... but noone showed up. Actually was a bad experience but its okay never get on a blind date and hope that someone shows up sighs  ....

So for My Blind date i put on the new Angie Black from morea Style, really sexy ensemble all in black with a sexy and kinky side who is also the highlight of this look, specially are also the large flexi pants attachments and the ruffles on the top , I especially love that it's open on my right side and show's up a bit of my breasts and skin. Also with this set comes a Necklace in black and 2 braclets.

As Skin I choose from .::[ Felony ]::. Nyla which is a tanned skin with nice light blue purple eyeshadow, some red Blush on the cheeks and the lips have a soft touch of blue purple on it to match up the make up. Really Lovely as Skin and looks awesome for going onto a Dinner. This doesn't mean that you can only wear it for Dinner huh it'sfor when ever you like as long as it matches your style (^.^) .

The hair i choose is from Plume, I love their hairstyles so nice stuff there and looks so amazing.

If my Pictures dont look that great this time it's cause this is my first try with Shadows in Secondlife I hope tho that you like my work ^.^ 

So no more time to wait here it comes this romantic dinner who turned out into a failure :


Skin: .::[ Felony ]::. Nyla Skin
Eyes: .::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes
Eyelashes: [ glow ] Eyelashes - Devilicious 00
Hair: *Plume* Elegance - Soil/Umber
Hairbase: Miamai_Hairbase Black
Earrings: ::MOOD:: Vengeance Glitz Earrings - Gun Metal
Shoes: N-core SENSE XtremeHeel "GroupGift"

Poses: ..::DARE::.. "All Assumptions Aside", ..::DARE::.. "NO, Not This Time!",
          ..::DARE::.. "It's All About The Arms" 
            ( DARE is Having a closing Sale pose packages are 10 l$ at the moment, single pose is 1 l$ )

Sunday, July 24, 2011

:Mashooka: Raga tunic - Member Gift

Ok perhaps Im a bit late with this Member gift from Mashooka but stil doesnt make this post Old, its an amazing Tunic in a soft green tone with a soft mixed texture with different colors but matching absolutely the casual western look.

For Me this tunic is great to Mix up with some hotpants, a skirt or if you want some long pants, there will be no problem showing this style as Sexy, as Girlish in a fashionable way , but surely not childish, its just amazing work and a great gift we got there from Aradhana

Really big thanks to her and here it comes the Mashooka Raga Tunic :

Skin: al vulo - elena* pink 2 claveage sunkissed
Hair: [e] Other - Carrot Reds
Eyes: .::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes
Eyelashes: **Irresistible Look Eyelashes**-Crissy Designs
Necklace: [MANDALA]SINRA  Necklace/moss green
Nails: Candy Nail #G201008 Anniversary Yellow
Tunic: :Mashooka: Raga tunic - Member Gift
Hotpants: [GIEREH] Lise MiniShort. Jeans. [Basic II]
Shoes: :Mashooka: Meena ballerina {camel}

Poses: [BW]-The Real Model- 28, Z&S FEMALE Z50 STAND

Working at Miamai with Minidress Kama

So i was working at the store as usual doing my hours i have to do and was kinda not busy at all in store so just thought hey i love the Stones with the running water, so why not use it as a background for some pictures , so Im standing here now, getting my feet wet and doing amazing pictures of the new Kama Minidress in Pink , yes i went to the pink trip but it is exisiting in different colors giggles .

So the Kama Minidress is exisiting in several colors, green, blue, black, pink, violet and red. Its a really cute dress but also very sexy. I just like wearing it as its matching the summer style i put on, and again with this look i choose the flower from Je suis... called Hibiscus.

Also i love the ((Crystal line))"Cherry" Accessory set A, it has really great colors in pink and bit of orange and just matching really lovely together with the Miamai Minidress.
To end it up i choose the Group Gift from Al Vulo , love this dark version from them, makes me look like if i went sunbathing a lot giggles, but thats georgeous ! And hair is from Kik really cute japanese Hair Store .

So I dont let you wait much longer here is it the New Kama Minidress from Miamai :


Skin: [Al Vulo!] - [ nilpez *orange kauai olive ]
Hair: [kik]hair-Fine-III(tea)
Eyes:.::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes
Eyelashes: [ glow ] Eyelashes - Devilicious 00
Flower: ::je suis...hibiscus::mouth & ear::GROUP SPECIAL
Necklace, Earrings, Braclets: ((Crystal line))"Cherry" Accessory set A
Dress: Miamai_Kama Pink
Nails: #P067 Resort Cocktail
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Kahlo (Pink) (med)

           Miamai_Model Pose_Scarlett 01, 
           Miamai_Model Pose_Elegance 01,  Miamai_Model Pose_Elegance 06

Sunset watching with Morea Style & Je suis...

It became late , and while i was watching around I found a nice walkway with view on the ocean and a boat near me , behind me was a tiki home of someone but dint wanted to disturb there so just watched out the sun going down relaxing a bit and  enjoy my wonderfull Morea Style dress  called Morea Fushia. Matching perfectly to this amazing dress is the new group special from je suis... Hibiscus for mouth and ear .

The morea style dress is in a lovely pink purple color with a nice dekoltée, and best is no need of a necklace here, as the top of the dress goes around the neck and it has some nice pearls on it to make it look romantic.

Matching with that was using the new group special hibiscus from je suis... to fullfill the romantic look and thought of a romantic evening walk watch the sun go down and then just chill around with your beloved hubby in a nice corner of this beach sim .

So here is the look hope you like it ^^


Skin: Al Vulo! - nilpez*  orange kauai olive (Group Gift)
Hair: [kik]hair-Fine-III(tea)
Eyes: .::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes
Eyelashes: **Irresistible Look Eyelashes**-Crissy Designs
Flower: je suis...hibiscus mouth & ear
Dress includes braclet: Collection MOREA STYLE CASUAL* MOREA FUSHIA*
Nails: #P067 Resort Cocktail
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Kahlo (Pink) (med)

Poses: [BW]-The Real Model- 36, **Manifeste** - Model_40, Z&S FEMALE Z50 STAND

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dreaming of Mashooka - Naima & Parul New Release

As it was a busy day i went to bed a bit early yesterday , while i was in bed was dreaming of modeling some clothes for mashooka, being in front of a pond, seeing the cherry tree right behind me and having an amazing view out of the mashooka store. I was wondering why i had that dream and woke up suddlenly as my phone clock ringed telling me to get ready to work . Strange dream i thought myself and was looking in my closet searching mashooka clothes , wanted to put on the naima skirt and the parul shirt but couldnt find it anywhere, then saw my cat on my bed and a wonder she was wearing them lmao , then i realised it stil was a dream when my clock really ringed and it was time to get up .

So in my nice dream you can see me wearing 2 times the same clothes of mashooka Naima with Parul and the Meena Ballerina, but showing 2 different colors of them.

 Actually you get the Naima skirt in 8 different colors, same as the Parul Shirt. Special of this clothes is that they are looking really cute thats what i think and the colors are amazingly fresh and colorfull. But normal as i love Mashooka i show up the nicest colors of the clothes I LOVEE wohoooo

Actually also want to tell you about Felony, its a nice store with great skins, she also has limited edition ones that look awesome and that are really cheap actually  so take a look at her store as its really really great what she does ^^ 

So i better stop writing and showing up the New Mashooka Release- NAIMA skirt & PARUL shirt

Eyes: .::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes

           (( D!va )) ::Stand 50::, (( D!va )) ::Stand 52:: (Free poses)

Monday, July 18, 2011

I loveeee :Mashooka: Aisha tunic dress {rose}

While doing this shot was thinking on a hot summer day, actually wanted to go out, be with friends but then was like waiting at home for them to come, and i think i would stil be waiting in my nice rose Aisha tunic dress if i hadn't phone them to ask where they are. They actually forget the appointment we had and so was lucky of me that i phoned them  hahaha you never know with your friends busy busy sometimes.

So you see me wearing that lovely Aisha tunic dress in rose, i love the look with the flowers and the small rose colored belt on the waist. Actually the whole look is absolutely lovely and looks like i want to go on a romantic dinner hehehe this one is existing in different colors which are rose as i wear, then seafoam, violet, periwinkle and mustard.

With the Aisha tunic dress i put on the Meena ballerina in rose to match up the look , those also exists in different colors like camel, mint, violet, charcoal and seafoam.

I also put on some jewelery from Mandala the soul jewelery set and amazing hair from plume which are called Lily.

So here it comes hope you love it as I DO ^.^


skin : al vulo - elena* pink 2 claveage sunkissed
Hair: *Plume* - Lily/Golden
eyelashes: [ glow ] Devilicious 00
eyes: .::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes
necklace, earrings : [MANDALA] Soul Jewelry set (Rose pink)
Dress: :Mashooka: Aisha tunic dress {rose}
Nails: Candy Nail #3AG Curvaceous
shoes: :Mashooka: Meena ballerina {rose}

Morea Style - *Kyliane white * & Helamiyo Poses

The morning started sadly, rainy and cold today, felt like being in winter again, but the time went by and the wetter became nicer, finally blogging again made the whole world smile and so did I.

As the sun is warming myself up in game , i put on my nice new Morea Style casual outfit named Kyliane in white and went on a walk trough the mashooka land , yes again the mashooka location i know but i really love it there so many places to check out and do amazing like pictures with it , so as i walked there i went into an old village or something was looking so cute and then walked through that small bridge and thought wow this is nice, lets try a shot here and was like wow matches the feeling the look and everything .

So i put on the Morea sytle outfit named Kyliane, its really amazing one, highly detailled top with soft lace around it, nice long pants or midlong pants as you like and a soft white laced belt around the waist to make it almost look like a small skirt , thats what i think ^^ . To add this up the dress had a hood in soft lace too and really looks amazing.

For the hair i choose Lelutka with Keiko in a nice red tone makes a really nice contrast to the look  to fullfill the outfit i put on my beloved N-core  heels called Tresor in white  as they match wonderfully with this clothes.

 So no more time to wait here it comes


Skin: al vulo - elena* pink 2 claveage sunkissed
Hair: [LeLutka]-KEIKO hair - FireTop
Eyelashes: [ glow ] Devilicious 00
Eyes: .::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes
Earrings: *GF* Pearl Set "Trinity" -white-
Clothes: Collection MOREA STYLE CASUAL* KYLIANE white*
Nails: [MANDALA]Takara Nail
Shoes: N-core TRESOR XtremeHeel "Pearl"

Poses: HelaMiyo :: Just saying 2, HelaMiyo_Kawaii_2, HelaMiyo_Favole_5, HelaMiyo_Kawaii_5

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Morea Style* Debra & ((Crystal line))White Square

As I went for 3 days now over to crystal line to win the lucky board set, and dint win it yet i kinda gave up for the moment , but  i just thought hey do a post for crystal line, looking around and found a nice set that would match to the Morea style clothes i have. 

As its hot outside, and the birds are singing, i thought let's go hang out at the Mashooka Café, its so relaxing there and really love the place, so took my pics there while enjoying being here

For the clothes i choose Debra flowers in blue and rose, this is a really nice dress with a black leggins matching perfectly the upper part, also highlight of the upper is the sleeve on the right side, makes it a touch of romantic, also with this you get a matching braclet.

For the jewelery i choose ((Crystal line))White Square Accessory set, it 's a nice set in silver white, with a pendant in white with an upper small part of black to put a highlight into it , the earrings look the same and so it makes an incredible sexy look , an tho its all casual

 its all for hanging around hahaha , so thats wht im doing now haning around, drink a coffee and sit cosy on my pillow  just check it out

Skin: al vulo - elena* pink 2 claveage sunkissed
Hair: [LeLutka]-MATERIAL hair - StrawberryBlonde
Eyelashes: [ glow ] Devilicious 00 
Eyes: .::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes
Necklace, Earrings: ((Crystal line))White Square Accessory set
Clothes: Collection MOREA STYLE CASUAL* Debra Flowers Blue Rose*
Nails: Candy Nail #3AG Curvaceous
Shoes: N-core TRESOR XtremeHeel "Pearl" 

Poses: **Manifeste** - Model_180, **Manifeste** - Model_179
Location: Mashooka's Café

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Miamai Aralee - New release & Glam Affair Limited Edition Skin Amelie

I was walking around and thought hmm what to post today , so went working to Miamai, standing there and greeting the peep getting into the store, when suddendly Monica showed up telling that she gonna put up a new release ;  and as she told so she sended the gift to us , was together with Angel doing my shift giggles

So i put on the new dress, matching it together with the Cronika hair and thought hmm not bad but what should I add more, finally i remembered that i got that nice limited edition skin from glam affair , so trying it on and thinking yes not bad lets keep it like that

for the location actually thought of a romantic place, to hang out, perhaps waiting for a dinner with the sexy unknown guy from next door who knows hahaha , but felt alone and did some pics

so showing as always my favourite color of the new release this time its blue, but it also exists in gold, pink, purple and silver and always looking amazingly sexy in it hahaha

so check it out here's the New Miamai release Aralee


Skin: -Glam Affair- Amelie MedTan Limited Edition
Hair: Miamai_Cronika Gold PLUS
Eyelashes: [ glow ] Devilicious 00 
Necklace, earrings: 2009 AG double pearl $20 set black
Dress: Miamai_Aralee Blue 
Nails: Candy Nail #P067 Resort Beach
Shoes: N-core SENSE XtremeHeel "GroupGift" 

Poses: GLITTERATI - 092, GLITTERATI - 023, GLITTERATI - Jewelry 2

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mashooka Designs - Amy & High jeans mix up

And another Mashooka look , i think i fell in love with the mashooka clothes so great work and high detailled
so this one is the Amy in mystic upper whos actually coming together with a skirt , but told to myself hey just lets try it with the High jeans in Navy wash and actually it doesnt look bad at all .

The upper and the pants also exists in several other colors , but as always i choose my favourite colors smiles

Ow what you cant see on the picture are the meena ballerina, i love them so comfortable and always good for hanging around , for the next post you gonna see them better for sure  ^.^

as location for this nice picture i choosed a nice skybox home , loved the backgrounds looks authentic and matches the casual fashion style . 

hmm what else shall i tell you  , ... perhaps ... no .. not telling about the wheater is nice or something hahahah ... so here is the picture , hope you like as I do ^^


skin : al vulo - elena* pink 2 claveage sunkissed
Hair: !lamb. Lovelier Girl - Butter
eyelashes: [ glow ] Devilicious 00
eyes: .::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes
necklace, earrings :  ::MOOD:: Pavone Ensemble (Summer Bash Hunt)
Shirt: :Mashooka: Amy {mystic}
Pants: :Mashooka: High jeans {navy wash}
Nails: Candy Nail #3AG Curvaceous
shoes: :Mashooka: Meena ballerina {seafoam}

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mashooka Designs presents: Lara dress {turqoise}

Did I ever told you that i love Indian clothes ?  I don't really think so , i actually love Mashooka but was never thinking of getting to the Store the last time , so finally I got there after a long time and explored it a bit , so amazing new things  Aradhana released. All sexy summer clothes in the western Section and really awesome Wedding Saree in the Indian section .

Even walking around on the sim I found a nice cafe to hang out, drink some coffee and relax , or just meet up some friends, who knows , depends on your mood.

So I put on something nice, thats one of the new releases the Lara dress, i choose the turquoise color as i think its the color of the year 2011 but you also have the choice of the colors orange, red and roze.
You also have 2 skirt options with this cute and sexy summer dress. To make it even look cuter, put up the slim belt to put a Highlight onto the whole Look.

So let's see what you think of the Lara Dress from Mashooka, for myself i really enjoy wearing it

Skin : al vulo - elena* pink 2 claveage sunkissed
Hair: [LeLutka]-RAIN hair - Glucose
Eyelashes: [ glow ] Devilicious 00
Eyes: .::CStar::. Static Haze Emotional Eyes
Necklace, Earrings :  ::MOOD:: Pavone Ensemble (Summer Bash Hunt)
Dress: :Mashooka: Lara dress {turqoise}
Nails: Candy Nail #3AG Curvaceous 
Shoes: N-core SENSE XtremeHeel "GroupGift"

Pose: Glitterati 018 

Presenting - Le Charme Fashion Mykonos feat HelaMiyo

I'ts summer time , go out , get on the beach , put on your bikini, your pareo or your swimsuit and get ready for a walk or just quickly run up into the nice cold water, feel the cold water around you and enjoy the sun on your skin, the sand between your toes...

Summer time is wonderfull and thats why i present you the Le Charme Fashion Mykonos , its a whole set with pareo, hair, necklace, braclets,  swimsuit, shoes, and a bag matching wonderfull to it.

The set is colored in beige, and i really love the swimsuit as it has a special upper and looks really sexy, perfect to that is the pareo if you want to take a walk you're directly dressed. Cool is also the matching bag in beige with flowers on it  for all your needs and to round it up some nice beige shoes that make the look perfectly.

The point of the set are the beaded necklace , with the matching braclets and the stylish sunglasses  same as the hair with the visor whos texture is the same then the bag

So i don't want to hide this amazing set so here it is


Skin on first picture: -Glam Affair - Monica Tan skin - BL TDR 28
Skin on second picture: al vulo - elena* pink 2 claveage sunkissed
Clothes Set with hair, necklace, shoes, bag : Le Charme Fashion * Mykonos
Pose on first picture: ~N~ cutesy sit1
Pose on second Picture:   HelaMiyo_Favole_4  
The sim where I took the pictures :   Kazumi Neko Surf Resort

On this sim you actually also find the  Neko Project - 2011 The year of Neko!
Ewokian Pessoa  is the one who presents you his project
I am doing a retrospective about nekos in SL and you can be a part of it! I'm showing how unique each one is and at the same promoting the neko lifestyle by filling a wall with pictures of neko avatars.

Sponsors: Nek~o~Licious, Bitter Bunnies, Zen Creations, Petals&Paws,

So if you are interested here's the LM to the Neko Project