Saturday, August 31, 2013

Reve Anna dress & Carolina shoes

today i present you The Newest 
the one and only store called REVE 
and yes im blogger for this store wohoooo 
so yes new store new luck lets see what happens huh 
so first post i show you from Reve is a lovely dress called Anna 
with blue green pink and white dots , lovely cut and sexy and cute at once 
what else also from Reve these lovely heels in Pink  called Carolina shoe
i just love those heels actually they are pumps with spikes 
and thats soo hot  and they make you soo tall and sexy legs hmmm 
really big love to this one 
what else 
the hair is from liquence whole new hairstyle
 its number F3in natural fades
just love that hairstyle , soft curly elegant and matches all your needs
amazing hair for amazing people smiles 
the skin is from glam affair and the pose from manifeste 
and picture taken at Maria Lynn Falls  
piccies and credits right under this
Reve Anna dress & Carolina shoes
Hair: . Liquence . - F3 in Natural Fades
Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 01
Dress: [REVE] Anna Dress
Heels: [REVE]Carolina Shoe
Poses: Manifeste

Picture taken at : Maria Lynn Falls


Eyelure Dream Tee Dots & Contour Gloss


ok one more post for eyelure wohoooo 
yes now i present you a lovely Dream tee with pastel tone dots
just so cute and sexy at once 
you could even wear it with pants if you would prefer it 
for some people it might be too short or even not short enough giggles
i just love this dress  really i do 
also from eyelure is this package of  Contour Gloss
you have 4 different colors  and all really lovely 
just love those lip colors hmm sexy
the skin is from glam affair and works perfectly with this gloss from eyelure
what should i tell you more hmmm 
the hair is from Iren thanks soo much iris 
its the hair you could get at the hair fair called Kiss me in brown 
but the hair looks lovely in every color 
hmm just love the hairstyle 
and ow yees the necklace from crystal line 
this time the version you get in the package with the earrings and with bangles 
its called love earth necklace
and has color change on the different parts 
you also chan choose between the colors silver and gold 
and the heels again from energie and poses from manifeste ^.^
what else i took again a Picture at the maria Lynn falls 
just love that location so many spots to take pictures at 
really you have to go there to see this amazing sim, just amazing work 
thanks for that sim guys ya rock huggies 
pics n credits right under this
Eyelure Dream Tee Dots & Contour Gloss
Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 01
Hair: [ iren ] Kiss me_brown
jewelery: ((Crystal Line))"Love Earth" Necklace & Pierce
Gloss: Eyelure Contour Gloss - 4 pack
Tee: Eyelure Dream Tee  - Dots
heels: ..::Energie::.. Flirt Stietto Black Bag 
Picture taken at :Maria Lynn Falls

Eyelure Chiffon Dress feat crystal line

today i present you this loooveely new dress from eyelure called
Chiffon dress in the colors multilight and lightblue
just so sexy dress and cute cute, and backview is amazing so sexy
hmm what else to say
also new from crystal line is this lovely new jewelery set
called Love Earth
just presenting you the love earth necklace which is a unisex one
so mean you can wear it as girl and as guy ^.^ easy huh
the earrings are also from the love earth set but not in the package with the necklace
the hair is from red mint called 13´13 in a lovely brown tone just love it
the skin is from glam affair which is stil available at collabor88 and
 the heels are from energie just love those heels
 cant change em just trying so often to wear those
Poses are from manifeste
and pictures are taken at the Maria Lynn Falls from my lovely friend Mz
just love the place and really amazing details
you have to come and see the sim  wow
really will show you more and more about the sim soon huggiees
credits and pics right under this

Eyelure Chiffon Dress feat crystal line
Hair: (r)M Hair No.13'13 ( B r o w n s )
Skin: Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 01
Necklace: ((Crystal Line))"Love Earth"Unisex Necklace
Earrings: ((Crystal Line))"Love Earth" Pierce
Dress: Eyelure Chiffon Dress      MultiLight & BlueMulti
Heels: ..::Energie::.. Flirt Stietto Black Bag
Picture taken at : Maria Lynn Falls

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Senzafine: Lokii

today i present you from senzafine a whole new look 
its called Lokii and you have sarong pants and Strapped Crop top with it 
really lovely set and just got the color peacock 
nice in color and looks awesome
also with this i got collaboration earrings between Senzafine and Paper Moon 
they decided to do some jewelery together and that what came out 
the jewelery same as the pants and the top exist in several other colors 
i just present you one of them 
what else 
hmm took some lovely hair from ploom named Kat in blonde tone 
 and combined them together with the skin from collabor 88 named Katya 
which is available from Glam affair  
and added up some bare feet to complete the look 
and that what came out huggies 
credits n pics right under this 
Senzafine: Loki
Hair: .ploom. Kat - Blondes
Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 01
Earrings: .:SF&PM:. "Loki" Teardrop Earrings - Peacock
Shirt: .:SF:. "Lokii" Strapped Crop Top - Peacock
Pants: .:SF:. "Lokii" Sarong Capri Pants - Peacock
Feet: N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops (Mesh)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 12 - Final Designers

i just want to apologies to all the designers i dint get the time to blog
so as a big thank you to them all will show you some lovely vendor pictures of the different designers that i dint blog till now and tho want to show you  
so with which designer will i start
ow btw will add up the links to the store of every designer directly 
no credits this time

so will start with :
Eleventh hour has this lovely Rustic Barrel Shower as a rare gift really its lovely 
and gresat textures as you see there were some other gachas too
like a torch, a camp fire and shields 
just actually a good deal i think thanks for this one
From Stitched gods you got 2 different gachas 
first you have  the country flag gacha 
where the rare flags are American Revolution, The Imperial Japanese Flag , 
The Aussie Flag, and The European Flag 
and you have many other flags as well which aren´t rare
 just check out the vendor picture smiles 
Also from Stitched Gods you get different Shields
here you have 2 different ones who are rare ones and the rest are more commun ones 
you just have to be lucky to get those
thanks for this gachas ^_^

 From Sweet Pea i just show you this lovely scarves set you could win
so the rare ones are the silver one and the black one
and the normal ones are all the other colors so lovely really
 thanks for this cute set of scarves

From Kahli designs you just get thoose lovely masks called Masks madness
you have really lovely ones 
but the best are the rare ones of course
as choice you have The owl masks which are rare ones in the color white and brown
then the uncommon ones are Unicorn masks in blue,brown,pink and white  and the normal ones are Goblin masks 
thank you for those lovely masks ^^ they are amazing

 From Pocket avatars i just got those lovely boots 
they are the belted boots which all are in the color light brown with different belts
and rare one as you can see are the ones with the brown belts
then you also have the Ribbon Boots 
which are all in dark brown  with different ribbon colors and
 here the pink one is the rare version
just lovely boots and work for tinys as well as regular avatars 
thank youu for this one
 From Zinnias i just got this lovely Fantasy Color Wheels 
really lovely colors  and the loveliest is the rare one called Midnight 
just love the colors of those wheels 
other colors are Sunset, candyland, summer, ocean and icecream 
so funny color names actually and tho they match perfectly i think
cant say much more a part thank youu for those wheels they are amaziiing
From rack poses i presented you already the single poses 
but dint get to show you the couple poses 
so here you go with 2 lovely couple poses you could have won in the gachas
really theyx are sensual cute and show the strengt of a master and his sub 
but could also work for just a couple in love whos up for little nasty stuff 
giggles thankies for this one
From Fallen dreams inc i just got a lovely mask called 
.:FD:. Cirque du Soliel Gatcha- Mask Diamons RARE really lovely mask 
cant tell more about it 
what else i got a cirque du soleil gatcha necklace which is really colorfull but lovely ^^
also got some Ring Master gatcha shoes as well as matching gloves 
in different sizes 
thanks for this one huggies 
( I hope i get the venor pictures soon for this one sorry to let you wait )

From cloud i got lovely shoulder pads 
the rare ones are silver and black and just really lovely in detail 
really would have loved to show you the picture directly but unfortunately no copy no mod
so will have to wait till the creator is on to get the picture to show you 
huggies for this one

The Life hud really is amazing you get a hud which you can activate
you have specific things to do like you do all day
shower, go to the toilet, sleep,have fun, eat and drink and so on 
and you have for everything a matching object to use 
like to drink you have a energy drink in you hand , to wash yourself you get a condittionner to click , to sleep you get a pillow to reez 
and you can lvl up during this one
but you musnt thats your choice at the first day , if you lvl up you get some lovely gift in between , like i got lollies from lvl 1 to 2  to eat 
really its fun but takes some time
thanks for this one 

If i do miss any of the designers i stil got then i really apologise 
just did all into a folder and tried just to add al into this folder and go one by one 
thanks for sending me your stuff and was glad i could blog for this amazing event 
The event will end on August 21 
so have fun and enjoy The fantasy Gacha carnival

..:SF:.. Myeongwol Modern Hanbok feat Ploom

just listening to lovely latin music of my friend angelbonita shes a dj
at garden of venus ( womens only sorry guys)
and while listening to her sexy tunes just doing this lovely post 
presenting you from senzafine really sexy cute lovely dresses 
they are called Myeongwol and available at Genre
The dresses exists in 4 different colors like the seasons 
so you have  Spring, Summer, Autumn , Winter
the whole outfit is of mesh and you can wear the jacket or not 
thats your choice i just show all my posts with the jacket as its a lovely look 
big thankies to Synjari for this lovely dress
The hair i choose with this dress is from ploom and was available 
at the hair fair and now at her store 
its called Mindy and took the indecisive pack to have more choice with the colors
and just used them to match the dresses and the feelings 
as its different times thought different hairstyles would match too 
and went to collabor 88 again taking another skin of the katya series this time with 
lovely red lips so sexy, so sensual just lovely for this add
what else i went to the sim of Hazardous
 and took my pictures there just love that sim
 and thought hey that will work bit asian background and thats what came out 
pose is from manifeste
 and pics n credits under this huuuggiees

..:SF:.. Myeongwol Modern Hanbok feat Ploom
..:SF:.. Myeongwol Modern Hanbok feat Ploom
Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 07
Hair: .ploom. Mindy - Indecisive
Dress:.:SF:. "Myeongwol" Modern Hanbok
Pose: Manifeste

*PM* Thai Flame Womens Pullover feat Eyelure

today presenting you a full new brand i will start to blog its Paper Moon 
wohoo yees , lovely creator sended me this super sexy and cute Pullovers
called Thai Flame Womens Pullover
and yes they do exists for guys too ^.^ hehehe not bad huh 
best they have a really nice texture and great colors
so we have the color yellow curry,  red curry, 
grey smoke and blue silk 
already the sound of those colors are lovely smiles 
big thank you to Sohma for this lovely Pullovers
and you get those lovely Pullovers at Genre 
The pants i present you are capri pants from eyelure
and they have belts included wohoo 
so sexy sporty all will work with those capris 
and cute colors 
as you see even match perfectly together with paper Moon 
hm what else 
used the Glam affair skin called katya which is stil available at the Collabor88 sim ,
the hair i got from truth and its called Kimbra in the color light brown 
just love that sweet sexy style of the hair ^.^
The feet are from n-core and the pose is from In-Pose called serenity 
thats it huggies pics n credits right under this 
*PM* Thai Flame Womens Pullover feat Eyelure

Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 01
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kimbra -  light browns
Pullover: *pm* Thai Flame Womens Pullover
Capris: Eyelure Belted Capri Slims
Feet: N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops (Mesh)
Pose: In-Pose! Serenity

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 11 - Sweet Poison & Candy Crunchers feat H.E.D

another fantasy gacha carnival Add for today 
now i present you directly 3 different gachas 
first of all from H.E.D you get lovely gowns so sexy nothing to say against 
just love the dresses ^.^ ( not sure if they were at the fantasy gacha tho )
then from sweet Poison you get those lovely sinatra boots in different colors 
like black, blue, brown and many more  
all you have to do is explore and find out what you can get smiles
what else i can show you ow yes the gachas from Candy Crunchers 
really lovely pets for your shoulder and you have a lot of them 
but there are only 2 rare ones and thats the one i show you 
the other ones you can see at the vendor picture 
thanks for this one huggies 
what else to say
went to truth getting some new hair and thats what i bought 
hair called kimbra just love the style needed a little change 
i know im hair addicted
hm skin again from glam affair from collabor88 
and pose from manifeste huggies
credits n pics under this 
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 11- H.E.D & Sweet Poison & Candy Crunchers

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kimbra -  light browns
Skin:-Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 01
Dress: H.E.D. Aysel-Dark Chevron 
Pet: Fantasy Gacha - Candy Crunchers - Dragon pet
Boots: Sweet Poison Gacha Sinatra Boots
Pose: Manifeste

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:

The different Gachas you can get
from Sweet Poison and from Candy Crunchers:

Waiting for Sweet Poisons Vendor picture

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 10 - Peque & Apricot Paws

its fantasy gacha Carnival stil till the  21 August 
so i stil rpesent you some of the gachas you might already have or not 
this time i show you the gachas from Peqe and from Apricot paws
so lovely gachas really 
From Peqe you get 1 lovely gown in 3 different colors as rare versions
blue, red and white 
and i may say thats a sexy dress isnt it 
just love the style and the cut of it 
hm cant say much more then wow to this gacha 
from Apricot paws you get those lovely monster scarves
really they are soo cute 
just love them in every color just showing the rare one light and dark 
and so cuuteeee
you can combine them with almost everything 
muacks thanks for this one hihih 
the hair i choose is from lelutka called lorella and was from the fantasy faire,
 the skin is from glam affair and stil available at collabor 88 
the Pumps are from engerie and the pose from manifeste huggies 
next post in a few 
pics n credits right under this 
P.s. from Peqe just found one picture otherwise would 
have shown you more vendor piccies
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 10 - Peque & Apricot Paws
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 10 - Peque & Apricot Paws
Hair:[LeLutka]-LORELLA hair/Naturals
Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 01
Dress: Peqe - Robe Gown_Degrade Red & White & Blue (RARE)
Monster scarves: Apricot Paws - Monster Scarves
Pumps: ..::Energie::.. Remix Caps Pumps Black
Pose: Manifeste

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:

The different Gachas you can get from Peque and from Apricot Paws:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 09 - OrsiniSun Feat OAL & RACK Poses

hello everyone out there 
yes again me today
but thats the last post for this weekend 
Presenting you from OrsiniSun this lovely gacha Called Sweet sacrifice 
just presenting you the rare one but it also exists in several other colors 
The rare one is in the color golden you have vigne leaves on a sexy belt, and collar
and also a lovely vine crown which is really sensual
more colors you see on the vendor pics 
also used for this post the tattoos from On A Lark in black
 which are actually 9 tattoos for the front and backside of your body
and as a rare one you have the face tattoo as special one 
just love those tattoos really sexy and cute
and also presenting you from Rack Poses amazing and sexy poses , to use 
with chains or without i think they are always sexy
you have poseballs to reez or just the animation 
of course you also have couple animations that you can win in the gacha 
but not showing them now , 
might come if i find a sexy one to do a couple shoot with me 
so sensual poses, lovely belt with collar and crown and sexy tattoos 
what else
hm hair from lelutka, skin from glam affair 
ow and pic where i stand , is not rack pose, its normal animation of my ao 
all the other poses are rack poses ^.^
Pics and credits right under this huggies
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 09 - OrsiniSun Feat OAL & RACK Poses
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 09 - OrsiniSun Feat OAL & RACK Poses
Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 01
Hair: [LeLutka]-ADDISON hair/Light Brunette
Crown & Collar & Belt: OrsiniSun Sweet Sacrifice
Tattoo: *OAL* B&O Black 
Pasties: Nipple Flower Pasties
Feet: N-core Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops (Mesh)

RACK Poses - In Chains Pose 1-6

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:

The different Gachas you can get from OrsiniSun, from On A Lark and from Rack Poses:

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 08 - !dM deviousMind

yes me again and back to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival 
really stil have so much to blog and cant tell you if i even going to finish 
all those posts i would wish i could do during the weeks too 
but unfortunately i cant and so trying to blog as much as i can 
on weekends but its not always easy to do so 
so For now i present you a lovely Mermaid look from Devious Mind 
really its lovely , great rare gachas
lovely colors
much detail
what else to say I love those looks 
and with the tails you get some matching pasties 
to complete your mermaid look ^.^
The hair i show you is from Clawtooth and called Angeles ,
 stil loving those hairs great clolors and sexy style 
The skin from Glam affair is a must sexy sensual soft and 
best available at the Collabor 88 same as the hairs from Clawtooth 
What else can i tell you , searched for poses for those lovely Mermaid looks
 and had no idea , so checked the marketplace and found this lovely ao 
and bets it was for free and you even get a tail with it too 
hehe just great ao for free
ok thats it for now Pics and credits as always right under this 
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 08 - !dM deviousMind
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 08 - !dM deviousMind
Fantasy Gacha Carnival 08 - !dM deviousMind
Hair: Clawtooth: Angeles (Captivating Brunettes Pack) @ Collabor88
Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 01
@ Collabor88
 Mermaid pasties:
!dM StarfishPasties **LAVA**
!dM StarfishPasties **RAINBOW**
!dM StarfishPasties **RED ROSE**
!dM StarfishPasties **KOI**

Mermaid tails:
 !dM deviousMind "Erielle" **LAVA** (RARE)
!dM deviousMind "Erielle" **RAINBOW** (RARE)
!dM deviousMind "Erielle" **RED ROSE** (RARE)
!dM deviousMind "Erielle" **KOI** (RARE)
Ao: Taliesins Tails Basic mer ao

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:

The different gachas you can get from deviousMind:

Iren - Maya feat Crystal Line & Energie

Heyas out there 
Bad news at first 
really loved to blog for the Going Bust rounds at Cleavage but unfortunately 
after that the Blogger manager left 
i got ejected from the group 
so cant show you anymore the lovely styles from jadore, sexz, pink acid
and many more , really loved to blog those amazing designers fashion but
seems as I wasnt good enough to stay inside 
so no more cleavage and going busts round anymore 

ok now Good News 
I present you some lovely clothes smiles
really lovely clothes i got from Crystal Line thank you to rena-san 
lovely outfit and you have a nice hud to color change 
your outfit into 6 different colors 
yep and you can choose if you want the back side ring in gold or silver
Also something new is the Lovely hair i show you 
its the new creation from lamb and actually out at the Collabor 88 Sim right now 
really just fantastic work 
also new from Iren is this lovely skin called Maya
showing it to you in the Mocca tone but also exists in lighter versions 
and even darker smiles 
really just love the skin soft natural, and cute 
thank you iris for this lovely Skin 
And those sexy Pumps really , cant say much then wow , i love those 
so sexy so much detail, so precious 
and they are from Energie
its out of the Remix part 3 differentPumps 
once in a lovely black tone , special the backside is laced and amazing heels 
then the Black and gold version , two faces, two looks 
and so sexy and sensual cant say more 
and then the pink version a dream of every Girl
not much on it just the color i love it 
you get a hud with the heels whos really easy to use
Big thankies to Allegra for those amazing Pumps 
what else thats it for now more soon 
Pics and credits right under this as always
Iren - Maya feat Crystal Line & Energie

Iren - Maya feat Crystal Line & Energie
Hair: !lamb. Zelda (Mesh) - Chocolate Bars Pack @ Collabor 88
Skin: [ iren ] Maya_mocca
Dress: ((Crystal Line))Sweet Heart Dress MESH
Pumps: ..::Energie::.. Remix Night Pumps YB & Remix Caps Pumps Black 
& Remix  Pumps Pink
Poses: Manifeste

Saturday, August 10, 2013

**Feel** Hemp Blouse & Miniskirt

heya haha yep and me again 
so this post is nothing about the fantasy gacha carnival 
yes i know its fantastic what they have 
but i must keep on blogging the other designers too im blogging for 
so thats why i show you today the new release from ** Feel**
Called Hemp Blouse and Miniskirt
and really so lovely all mesh and so sexy and cute at once
and they exist in different colors for sure 
in white, light purple, light pink, light orange, light blue, blue, beige and black
OMG yes i know thats a loot of colors 
and best you can mix and match together the different skirts with the blouses
 no need to keep up with one color smiles just enjoy and have fun with it
and you can add up Lolas tango to this outfit yep really amazing thankies Atuko-san ^_^
the Skin i show you is an all new Glam Affair which is available at the Collabor88 Sim 
, really its getting HUGE over there so many stores but lovely and the skin is just wow 
choose the skin tone jamaica with a soft make up but stil georgeous
The hair i choose also available at the Collabor88 Sim , called Angeles
and really its amazing hair from Clawtooth you have to see them and try em on 
The jewelery i choose to add on the clothes is from mandala called tefutefu, 
sexy really and in the color rainbow just a must have 
hm what else i could tell you 
The Heels , OMG yes, the Heels are from Gos ,
 its just a mix and match of the colors i have of those amazing heels 
Called the Eva Slingbacks, so lovely got so many colors
 also the baby collection i show you and stil dint show you all the colors
 that are in the full package hmm who knows it might come 
really awesome style and awesome creator check out Gos for more 
and the poses as usually from manifeste just love them huggies 
Piccies and credits right under this 
**Feel** Hemp Blouse & Miniskirt

**Feel** Hemp Blouse & Miniskirt
Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 01 @ Collabor88
Hair: Clawtooth: Angeles (Captivating Brunettes Pack) @ Collabor88
Blouse: **Feel**HempBlouse
Skirt: **Feel**Hemp MiniSkirt
Heels: [Gos] Boutique - Eva Slingbacks
Pose: Manifeste

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 07 - Aphorism & Junbug

Heyas again me hahaha
today i present you from Junbug and from Aphorism what they have 
for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Event 
i pologise for the background on my pics 
had no idea where tot ake the piccies 
and so its just a brick wall as background 
next post will be lovlier again 
So choose from Junbug the rare Caps which all have a really cool style 
and always something new to match with 
also chowing you the different capes with flowers and without 
just cute and sexy but you will see also on the vendor picture  ^.^
The Pants are from Aphorism and exist in black and in brown as rare version 
and some other lovely colors you will find on the vendor picture
 really lovely mesh pants with laces on the left and right side
and they are really hot ^.^
hm what else skin must be an old al vulo one , hairbaise from miami 
nipple scratches from Graves, Ring from Chop Zuey
and the shoes from Energie thankies allegra ^.^
just love those heels so sexy and easy to match 
thats it next post in a few muacks
Picks and credits right under this

Fantasy Gacha Carnival 07 - Aphorism & Junbug
Cap: *{Junbug}* Sweet Pixie Cap
Cape: *{Junbug}* Sweet Pixie Floral Mini Cape & *{Junbug}* Sweet Pixie Mini Cape
Heels: ..::Energie::.. Flirt Stietto Black
Pose: Manifeste

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:

The different gachas you can get from Junbug and from Aphorism: