Wednesday, December 4, 2013


heyas out there
i know its been a while since i blogged 
and last time i did iw asnt in blogging mood 
its all fine again and im up in full blogging mood again with some posts to show you 
some had to wait a bit and some where done just today 
so lets see how far i will come today 
so starting with ROSAL 
just love the stuff from Rosal and i want to say a big thank you for Tsarina Mint to be Blogger for her
she just sended me this lovely set called Tueur2 and couldnt resist showing it to you 
i combined it together with hair from lelutka and the suit is from graves 
so what can i tell you about the Tueur2 set
so we have lovely ballet boots which are mutifunctional color change 
means every single part on those boots can be changed 
also you can hide the strings and many more
same is for the platform boots they look more mistress like tho i think 
but thats my opinion 
then we have the corsett for the waist and for the neck 
both amazing work so many choices to wear , you have hide options , color change full, 
different parts and and and  just so wow and same is also for the Gloves
what not to forget is the best you have a normal wait corset version and a tight version 
so even more sexy and slim waist depends on you  
really nothing to complain 
its an awesome set easy to use with menu to change the colors with shortcuts
all just for your special needs
the skin i wear is from Glam affair called elvi, hair is from lelutka as i told you called Gwyn
in the color pitch , the lolas were skin matched with appliers same as for the suit 
and the suis is from graves called G403 Wildcat 
what else to tell you 
the pose i choose is from manifeste its from the clean up 2013 
really awesome set just love it 
huggies credits and piccies right under this


Hair: [LeLutka]-GWYN hair/Dark Grayscale
Skin: -Glam Affair - Elvi - America - 08
lolas: Lolas ::: Tango ::: Updated 

Gloves: [ROSAL] TUEUR2 Gloves - Fatpack
Neck corset: [ROSAL] TUEUR2 Neck Corset - Fatpack
waist corset: [ROSAL] TUEUR2 Waist Corset - Fatpack
                        Boots: [ROSAL] TUEUR2 Thigh Platform Boots - Fatpack & 
                                                                       [ROSAL] TUEUR2 Thigh Ballet Boots - Fatpack
                                                                    Catsuit: G403 Wildcat
                                                                   Poses: manifeste clean up 2013