Saturday, September 21, 2013

Burlesque au Moulin Rouge with Senzafine and Paper Moon

hey me again hahaha 
heavy blogging today this is only second post
so presenting you this lovely outfit from 
senzafine called Molly Bourlesque outit 
which is fully mesh it exists in 4 colors wildflower, crimson, peridot and sapphire
really lovely detailed dress with corset, bloomers and attached skirt
just wow and exists in different sizes 
what else the Molly facinator is matching the dress from senzafine 
but molly facinator is from paper moon
also existing in the 4 colors and lovely in detail 
aswell to match you ge tthe loki teardrop earrings which are available as gacha 
btw the crimson one is a gacha rare and just wow as earrings
they are a combination creation from senzafine and paper moon just lovely ones
really big thankies for that collaboration 
also new is the necklace i wear from maxi gossamer called pearl necklace 
justw earing the short version of it but also exists in long 
just love this necklace glad to see what else i can get from there 
the hair is from tukinowaguma and the skin from glam affair 
the shoes are from n-core 
and the location 
yes the location is the Moulin Rouge 
surely you know what is the moulin rouge its one of the finest places in france 
to get a burlesque show with fans sexy clothes etc
so saw this lovely building and had to get inside 
finally found a stage but looked like closed
so went looking around and found a secret entry went there and met the owner of this
lovely place she helped me take my piccies and was so nice 
and sexy looking of course 
so was there dancing on the stage while doing piccies was so much fun and lot of work 
but finally got it done 
so the final piccies were done and i went off the stage 
just awesome place and best they have a show all day at 7pm slt 
really its worth getting there and see this show you surely will enjoy it 
so what else to say then piccies and credits right under this 

Burlesque au Moulin Rouge with Senzafine and Paper Moon
Burlesque au Moulin Rouge with Senzafine and Paper Moon

hair: Tukinowaguma ElizaAgeSilver Chocolate
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy skin - America 06
Fascinator: *pm* Molly Fascinator - Wildflower, Peridot, Crimson, Sapphire
Earrings: .:SF&PM:. "Loki" Teardrop Earrings - Wildflower,  Peridot, Crimson, Sapphire
Necklace: Pearl Necklaces - Combo - Short - BLACK
Dress: .:SF:. "Molly" Burlesque Ensemble - Wildflower,  Peridot, Crimson, Sapphire
Pumps: N-core COQUETTE "Black"

Location: Moulin Rouge