Sunday, September 1, 2013

Senzafine Alysaara feat Crystal Line - Queen Accessory

sl is a mess right now but that doesnt mean that i cant blog 
smiles so presenting you something new
something gorgeous 
something from SENZAFINE  yes thats it 
a lovely new dress called Alysaara which is actually a corset dress in the color peridot
but it also exists in different colors all amazing 
all lovely tones , all sexy all romantic 
hmm what else do i present you 
new jewelery set from crystal Line called Queen 
and its surely some awesome jewelery worth for a queen 
you have a tiara which is so lovely ind etail with earrings 
and a necklace wich is in 2 pieces to be one entire part
also included are braclets
and you can texture change everything , using silver gold or black 
you also have the option to change the color of the gem 
really amazing set
Also new from Liquence this lovely new hairstyle called F5
really just love those natural fades packages 
great color great style cant say more then wow just love it 
the skin is from glam affair called katya in the color jamaica 
and poses from manifeste huggies 
ow about the sim 
just have tot alk a little about this sim 
its the Maria Lynn Falls just awesome sim in indian style 
and so much to explore lovely bridges around with great spots off water, 
cute animals , and stil so much more 
you really have to come see this artwork of a sim 
really talented work and
 bloggers you have to go check out this place its worth to take your pics here 
hugs to MZ for this amazing Lm and this lovely sim 
and of course all the other people that worked on this sim to make it possible
pic n credits right under this 
Senzafine Alysaara  feat Crystal Line - Queen Accessory
Hair: . Liquence . - F5 in Natural Fades
Skin: -Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 07
Jewelery: ((Crystal Line)) Queen Accessory set
Dress: .:SF:. "Alysaara" Corset Dress - Peridot
Poses: Manifeste

Picture taken at : Maria Lynn Falls