Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween PREVIEW

Heya people im back from holidays and really it was awesome 
me and my bf we really want to go back there a week full of 
relaxing , sunbathing and drinking cocktails 
cant say more about my holidays then wow 
but i might tell you more this weekend 
now wanted to present you an event 
you might know it already 
as i was already Blogger for this event last Month 
this month its Themed for Halloween 
so Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween 
so what you might find there is for sure GOREAN Wear
like clothes jewelery, accessories and surely much much more 

I can tell you that also for this round of the event we have fantastic Designers 
they are : 
Dark prophet designs,
 Okami, On a lark, Epicosity, Keystone, Gspot, 
EZ weaponry, The Forge, Deviance, 
Sparkle Skye designs, Cellar Door,
Crysling, Sweet Pea, Pretty Liar, 
Apricot paws, Candy crunchers, !dM, 
Junbug, Nevermore, Songfeather, Luas Store, 
May' s Soul, Kahli designs, Cloud, Peqe, Eleventh Hour, 
The Library, Little Tasta, Gorean Rose, Rack Poses,
OrsiniSun, Aphorism, Phototonic, 
Deluxe Body Factory, Yasum designs, 
Fallen dreams Inc, Pure Posion, Tiar,
 Sacred dreams, Stritched Gods, 
Michigan's Shack,  Sweet Poison, De la Soul, 
Zinnias, BSD, Black pearls, 
Haste, Roawenwood, Geisha dreams, 
22769 casual Couture, The Stringer Mausoleum, 
Pucca Firecaster creations, Bauwerk, Bryn Oh, 
Tea.s, Decadent Courtesan, ATOW, 
la petite Morte, Fuubutsudou, Geek. Gear.

and best the Event Lasts from 1st october to the 31 october 
 to get all those amazing gachas from all those amazing designers
Place is same as last time at the ACERBUS SILVA sim 

so not much longer till you can go there 
1st october it starts 

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween