Monday, September 30, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 09 -[Tea.s] & [Ascent] & Ferocious & [The Forge]

hey and me again hahaha 
so again a preview for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween 
this time i show collections from [Tea.s] , from  [Ascent] , 
from  Ferocious and from  [The Forge] 
again a lot of designers i show you 
so starting with [Tea.s]
showing you the rare object you could win called brainz headband
in the zombie version  
the idea of that is just so strange 
and stil its amazing as headband really cool 
from Ascent you get those lovely warrior wings , really cool and exist in 2 versions 
feathers turned inside or outside  both really lovely 
would prefer to see that on a guy tho
donno its more male like those wings stil love em 
From  Ferocious you get this lovely pearl tunic in the color bronze and noir 
really sexy and kinky love it huggies for that 
and from the Forge this time i got those lovely bracers
really love them and so hot to match with this look 
thanks again for this great gacha 
so tomorrow it starts not much longer till it opeeens 
muahaha piccies and credits right under this 
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 09 -[Tea.s] & [Ascent] & Ferocious & [The Forge]
Hair: Tameless Hair Liv
Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Cecilia ] - [ -Glitter moccacino ] group gift
Hairband: [tea.s] Stitched Brainz Headband RARE
Wings: [Ascent] Warrior Wings !RARE!
Tunic: Ferocious - Pearl Tunic: Bronze & Noir -RARE-
Bracers: [The Forge] Viking Bracers & Asgar Bracers, RARE

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:

   Acerbus Silva

The different Gachas you can get from [Tea.s], from [Ascent] ,
from Ferocious and from  [The Forge]: