Monday, September 23, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 01 - [tea.s] & *OAL* & DC

heyas out there 
yes little changing i know i told ya im only blogging at the weekend
but i prepared those picks on saturday 
thats why im able to show you the adds now during this week
so im glad to present you finally the adds for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween
this round i present you the creations of those 3 designers 
[tea.s] with a lovely necklace, *OAL* with a sexy corset hood and strap 
and DC with some Staffs
so starting up with [tea.s] for now showing you this lovely necklace which is rare
of yourse how should it be and you have 3 color options inside 
so you have a lovely choice to make it up your clothes 
what else On a lark has this suuper sexy and cute Corset  called Dory 
with the straps and the Hood
the corset is color change you have the choice of silver black and gold
and all look awesome and hot 
and as extra i choose to wear the Staffs from DC which are 2 rares and one common one 
so Moon and Sun are the rare ones and so lovely in detail
best they have an animation inside to use the staffs for it 
so no need to search how make them look good as they do it on their own ^^ 
what else did i use for this add you might ask 
so i used from Glam affair a skin called Candy Skin in the color America 06
just love this skin its sexy hot and sweet , i know i know and CUTEE 
the hair i choose was an older one i have from Milana called Olive 
which i bought as fatpack and stil love this hair 
The pasties i use are from Roots and the string ( even if you dont see much of it )
is from XD and the pumps from N-core called Coquette in black 
hm what else cant say more then  
The fantasy gacha Carnival Halloween
 starts end of this month 
1st October till 31 October it will last so really HURRYY
it soon starts and the gachas are Hot giggles 
Piccies and credits right under this 
muacks and huggies
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 01 - [tea.s] & *OAL* & DC
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 01 - [tea.s] & *OAL* & DC
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy skin - America 06
Hair: (Milana) Olive - Fat Pack
pasties: >>ROOTS<<00S10019
Necklace: [tea.s] Celestial Cameo Necklace - v.2 RARE
Corset, Hood & Strap: *OAL* Dory Black EPIC
string: .:XD:. OuTraGiouS fishnet diamond string
Pumps: N-core COQUETTE "Black"

Staff: DC Fall Staff & DC Moon Staff - rare & DC Sun Staff- rare

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:
Acerbus Silva

The different Gachas you can get from [tea.s] and from *OAL* :