Saturday, September 21, 2013

Eyelure - lipgloss, eyeshadow, lace skirt & Top

 last post for today or maybe there might be one after depends on how quick i am ^^
so presenting you now an eyelure collection giggles
why eyelure colelction
as i wear almost only stuff from eyelure i had to blog and combined them together
so what i wear is some Liquid Shadow which exists in 6 colors
Pink, blue, gold, green , purple and violet
really sexy colors and just love them
aslo from eylure is this sheergloss
also in a 6 color package and you have as choice :
fruity, pale, peachy, soft, nude and perfect pink
so lovely colors here too you have to try em out on yourself to see
also from eyelure OMG so many
the lace skirt in black so cute and sexy at once with 2 uppers as choice
one time the lace Cami in the color White/black lace
and Lace Cami in the color Floral/ Black lace  both are really wow and cute
but i prefer the floral version as its nicer mixed with the skirt
but its always your own opinion what you like
added with the stuff from eyelure i choose the hair from Iren
called kaori which was availabale for the we love roleplay event
and choose a skin from glam affair to match with this
ok thats it thats the post for eyelure collection hahaha
piccies and credits right under this
Eyelure - lipgloss, eyeshadow, lace skirt & Top
Hair: [Iren] Kaori- we<3 RP!
Skin: -Glam Affair - Jadis Natural
Eye shadow: Eyelure Liquid Shadow  6 pack
Lipgloss: Eyelure SheerGloss - 6 Pack
Upper: Eyelure Lace Cami   White/BlLace & Eyelure Lace Cami   Floral/BlLace
Skirt: Eyelure Lace Skirt Black
Pose: kawaii