Monday, September 30, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 08 - [tea.s] & Gspot & Candy Crunchers & Peqe & Bryn Oh

exeptionnally i can blog today muahahaha 
so i just use this time 
and present you some more Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween Previews
ow yes and best it will open tomorrow 
wohoo yes tomorrow is already the first October 
and it opens finally wohoo all those great creations you can get then as gacha ,
 in amazing colors  you only need to tp to the acerbus silva sim and get it 
giggles yes yes 
but now i present you some lovely styles from [tea.s], from gspot, 
from candy crunchers, from peqe and from Bryn Oh
OMG so many designers i know so 
what you get from [tea.s] are some mystery rares called hunters kill 
which are head arrows with blood and without so cool 
from Gspot you get those cool earrings called la Rie in different colors
just so cool actually its not really earrings but kinda like and so special as idea 
from Candy Crunchers you get this lovely spider crown 
really i love that one easy to match and cool in look 
something special for a great evening or a fashion show even 
from peqe you get this amazing sexy long dress , full mesh , 
different colors and rare colors are gold and silver really amazing dresses
with lovely open cutted arms so sexy and sensual 
and from bryn Oh you get those super cute ladybugs in different colors 
and as a rare gift you get Bitey the mosquito or a wasp 
really scary actually to wear a mosquito in your hair but its so cool 
anyways thats it piccies and credits right under this huggies
Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 08 - [tea.s] & Gspot & Candy Crunchers & Peqe
hair: Miss C. - Dj_Brown
Skin: Glam Affair - Candy skin - America 06
Animal: Bryn Oh gacha -Ladybugs and Bitey
arrow: [tea.s] Brainz Gacha- MYSTERY RAREs
crown: Candy Crunchers - Spider Crown
earrings: .:GSpot:. La Rie  fantasy gacha
Dress: Peqe - Off-Shoulder Gown - Golds & Silver RARE

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:

The different Gachas you can get from [tea.s], 
 from Gspot, from  Candy Crunchers  and from Peqe: