Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 07 - !Aphorism! & .aisling. & Luas

heyas me again hahaha 
last post for today smiles
but there will be more for tomorrow ^^ yaaay
so now presenting you the designs from !Aphorism! 
aswell as from .aisling. and from luas wohoo 
so starting with Aphorism where i present you lovely headwings yes 
headwings and they are awesome sexy kinky and cool 
i just want to fly away hahaha 
also showing you from aisling some face jewelery 
really detailed one you have 3 more common styles and the other 3 are rare ones
just so lovely with flowers and the detail cant complain and this as gacha giggles
wohooo im all happy hahaha 
and from Luas OMG really i love it so sexy jewelery
and you can wear all this just like that as sub and be hyper sexylicious 
really it is sexy  and you have 4 different colors 
blackgold , blacksilver, whitegold, whitesilver as choice
really amazing work thanks for this muacks 
what else skin is from al vulo ( new group gift) , hair is from red mint
and thats it 
pics n credits right under this huggies

Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 07 - !Aphorism! & .aisling. & Luas

Fantasy Gacha Carnival H. 07 - !Aphorism! & .aisling. & Luas
Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Cecilia ] - [ -Glitter moccacino ] group gift
Hair: (r)M Hair No.13'13 ( B r o w n s )
Headwings: !APHORISM! Rare Head Wings
Facejewelery: . a i s l i n g .  Xanthe
Outfit: Luas redemption Jewels RARES

Fantasy Carnival Gacha SLURL:
   Acerbus Silva

The different Gachas you can get from !Aphorism!, 
from .aisling. and from  Luas:

Waiting for the vendor piccie from Luas  smiles