Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Holidays !!!!!

heya peeps out there 
just letting you quick know that i will be out for a week
yes i wont be able to blog or even to connect to sl 
you surely may ask why 
Nothings Wrong 
I just have HOLIDAYS 
so im off for a week 
one week to Turkey 
Will stay at belek thats next to Antalya
and live for a week in the Calista Luxury resort 
5 star hotel all inclusive 
and Im soo happy about it 
so from 5 to 14 september im off 

Big big Huggies and hope you understand it 

ps. Will blog as soon as im back from holidays as usual 

and little piccie of my hotel muaaacks 
see you in a week 
Sweetali Star